Eight Golden Investing Lessons I Learned in PSE Bull Run 2013

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Yesterday was my first run for the year! And my first 10k-distance too.
Poor me, I just prepared for it with a single run last week. And now my knees continue to twinge haha.


But the run not only gave me that light awesome feeling after every physical activity, it also made me realized some running lessons we can certainly apply to investing!
Read on if you want your investments to run for you!


1. Set your goals.
10k distance was my goal. And because it was clear to me, I knew at first what to expect. Obviously it’s a different set of expectations I had when I first ran for 5k. In other words, goals set my clear direction.


This has been said many times. You need to plan in just anything you want to accomplish, and planning is started with goal-setting.

Did you really sit down and spend even 15 minutes to plan your goals this year for your investments?


2. Assess your condition.
I had to check myself first if I’m physically fit before taking that plunge.

After all, it’s no easy task. The first and last time I ran for 5k, I was almost faint at the end.

What more with 10k, I pondered.


In the same way, are you financially ready to buy your first stock?

Do you have your emergency fund ready?

Did you pay in full all your debts?

Can you sustain your monthly investments?

Assessment is important so you can adjust and not get disappointed along the journey.


3. Know your path!

We had a map to show us the right directions.

But that was only made after the starting and end points were established.


With your goals written, and your current standing at your hand, it will now be easier for you to draft your path.

Are you going to be an investor or a trader?
How much involve you’re going to be in your investments?

Will you have your mentor?

4. Act!

Unlike my first 5k run where I tried it to finish in the least amount of time, I decided to take this run slowly but consistently. I proudly finished it with 1hr and 15 minutes!

And I’m happy to think that I’m in the above 50%. πŸ™‚

You see, for me to finish it, I had to continuously step my foot forward one after the other.


Many are enticed to enter the stock market but few manage to get it real.Β Clarity gives power! And there’s this sense of clarity you get when you put yourself in motion.
Are you confused with your questions? Β Don’t know much about it?
Take the first little step. It will give you peace. πŸ™‚



5. Get hydrated!

Throughout the race, I obviously got tired exhausting every joule of my energy!

Good thing there are water stations along the route to get me back on track! The temptation to stop immediately vanishes!


You’ll get tired too after putting some time into your investments.
You might see it boring that would bring out the impatient person in you. In those times, simply get yourself recharged and hydrated.

Have your constant inspiration flowing into your life, and you’ll be back in your senses in achieving your goal.


6. Learn from others!

The fact is that I was not the only runner in the race, in the same that you’re not the only investor in the market. Keep learning from others and it will surely pay-off in the future.

As one man once said, a conversation with a wise man is worth a thousand books!Wow! That’s a bang for book-lovers like me.

You can join our discussion forum here where everyone learns from others.


7. Monitor your progress

I think what I enjoyed most in the run were the points where I saw progress in my distance.

We started in the start lane, then I saw the 1k accomplishment sign.
I was looking for every kilometer sign thereafter, but I was surprised to see the 7k sign right after, followed by the 9k, and lastly the finish race.

The 9k sign is actually the most memorable, as it’s a sign that one last kilometer and I’d finally achieve my goal.


Monitoring your performance and seeing your investments growing similarly gives a sense of fulfillment. Be sure to savor it! Record it and you can be proud to your children sharing it with them. πŸ™‚


8. Have fun!
Finally, I always end my post with the phrase “Have fun investing!”

I just realized in life that you need to have fun doing something if you want to keep doing it!


Same with the bull run, I had fun running a new route and going up and down that long flyover from BGC going to Buendia crossing EDSA. That was my first time to see EDSA directly at the center above the road! πŸ™‚


How do you have fun investing?
Make your own way. Enjoy your profits! Reward yourself with good management of your finances. Share your stories too as you inspire others. Just define ‘fun’ in your own terms, and you’ll learn the habits of a successful investor.


There you go!
So the next time you visit your investments, take your physical run first! It might give you golden lessons on how to grow it!


Keep running your investments!
Have fun investing (that runs well)!
Β – Omeng


PS3: My records below! Not bad! πŸ™‚

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