Four things you’re missing when you’re employed

  • Post last modified:March 27, 2015
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Last Sunday, May 17 2014, marks the fourth year of my working years as an employee. Whew, time flies so fast!

I started being part of the labor force year 2010, shortly after my graduation. I finished an engineering degree back in college , but interestingly have landed on the IT industry right in my first job. The shift is in itself one another story I’d share in future, but at this point, I’d like to highlight some general observations I had on being in an active employment in relation to the topic of this blog – finances.

Obviously, being an employee brings with itself lots of advantages and perks – primarily job/income security (which many says is now becoming a myth), limited responsibility and leverage on other company benefits ( thanks HR folks!) among others.

These attractions makes the majority of people seek jobs plus considering the fact that our society and education system is currently designed to generate employees more than employers (business-owners and investors).

But to help you see what you might be missing or just to give you more options, I will instead highlight what I see as its limitations.

Trading your time for money is called active income (more…)

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