“Business minded po ako kaso nakakapagod magnegosyo…”

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Today we answer some questions sent to me via email relating to investing in Philippine stock market and mutual funds.

Hi there! What is the difference of investing in mutual funds by Sunlife Financial advisors than buying via the brokers i.e COL Financial? Do they give the same returns? thanks.. –  Gorero

It’s exactly the same mutual funds whether you buy it thru financial advisors (or agents) or through third-party provider like COL Financial or FirstMetroSec SmartFund.  The advantage with doing it with third-party platforms is that they offer these mutual fund with ZERO entry fee, which means no deduction is made from your capital upon investing.  If you invest 10,000 pesos, this whole 10,000 pesos will be used to purchase your mutual fund shares. This method also allows you to monitor your mutual fund investment online through your online account. Thus it’s easy for you to be updated how much your money has grown (or lost) each day.


Hi, Omeng! Just read your post re: SSS Salary Loan. I intend to apply for one but have not reached the 36-month rule yet. Can I pay off the remaining months to be able to reach 36 months and apply for a loan? I am on my 21st month palang kasi.
– Christina

Hello Christina, Suggest you contact directly the SSS for this concern. They have very accommodating FB page. You can also send your question through email (member_relations@sss.gov.ph)

Hi! Good day po. Business minded po ako kaso nakakapagod magnegosyo wala po kasi akong time mas gusto ko sana mag invest nalang.Kaso anong company po ba ako dapat mag invest at pano?
– Mylene

Hello Mylene, suggest you start downloading this ebook for beginners in investing in Philippine stock market. There’s no straightforward answer kung anong company ang best mag-invest because it depends on several things like your time horizon, risk tolerance, time you can allot to monitoring, investing skills and overall goals. You

For starters, you can check out these training modules:
(1) Stress-free investing in Philippine stock market for newbies.
(2) Market Timing using Technical Analysis & Portfolio Management – for those serious in making money from stock market on a more regular basis.

Hello Omeng, Please help po gusto ko pong umili ng shares only start at least 5-15k? para naman po may maiwan ako sa mga anak at apo ko pag ako ay nawala sa mundong ito. Andito po ako sa UK married pero Philippine Citizen pa rin po. Nagwu work po ako sa hotel as a room attendant. Matagal na po akong may interest to buy shares but don’t know where to start kasi could you please help me? thank you and lookign forward to speak to you. all the best.
– Divina

Hi Divina, pwede ka pa rin mag invest even if you’re an OFW but the process may be more difficult as dahil you will need to send the application forms to your broker in the Philippines like Col Financial. Normally, you will to do the following:

  • Download the application forms from COL Financial website here.
  • Accomplish it, scan and email to helpdesk@colfinancial.com so they can verify if your details are complete and other requirements are in place (like government ID’s, TIN and bank account).
  • Once you get their go signal, you have to send all the requirements to their office.
  • Once they received their application, their helpdesk will contact you through email how to proceed with your application.

Download this ebook for other steps like funding, placing buy and sell order and withdrawal of your investments.

Hope this helps.

If you have other questions, you can send them through our contact page here.

Have fun investing,


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