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Hi there! Welcome to this blog.

My name is Romer Tawid, but I’m better known with my nickname Omeng Tawid.

I made this blog for sharing my experiences, insights, and lessons about investing and personal finance. Through time, I organized seminars with big names in the financial industry teaching people how to improve their finances, and later on tapped as a speaker in various small meetings, school events, and company financial wellness activities. (If you want to invite me as your speaker for your financial events in your company or group, you can email me here.)

Below is a short feature story about me published in one of the Wealth Strategy editions of Truly Rich Club and some snapshots of the seminar I either organized or was a speaker of.

I also maintain a YouTube channel where I upload videos about investing for beginners.
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Hope you get something useful from this page.
And that you become wealthy and happy over time!

Omeng ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to invest in col financial

Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Review (1)

Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategy


The Winning Strategy 2015
The Winning Strategy 2015


Smart Pinoy Investor Seminar - Iloilo
Smart Pinoy Investor Seminar – Iloilo 2014


Mid Year Philippine Stock Market 2013
Mid-year Philippine Stock Market Seminar 2013

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  1. James

    Why is that in the Philippines, PSEI stock listed companies doesn’t declare stock splits like NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX does?

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