when you share financial concepts and people don’t care…

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Let me share with you a little confession about this advocacy of financial literacy I have.

You see this was not really an all out effort all the way from the start.

You check my facebook wall before and you’ll see little posts about anything financial.

My reason?

I didn’t want to combine my personal wall with my advocacy wall. I regard them as two different untouchable worlds.

Seems like hypocrisy no?
Advocacy pero may limitation.
Well let’s just say I actually did that before only to find few interests from people who saw it.
Then I did it again, and almost same feedback. Then again, and same thing.

But when I shared same content in financial groups in facebook, it felt great seeing it stirring up people’s reactions.

So being tired with the wa-paki signs, one day I just told myself, “ok, wag na muna sa mga taong nakapaligid sakin, dun na lang sa mga interesado”.

And it did me good.

I no longer experienced “virtual rejection” simply because I didn’t attempt anyway.

Somehow the move acted as my pre-screening. People come to me already lit up.

I already knew that people sending email to me/PM in facebook are already open people so I no longer need to convince them. They’re already great absorbers. They have made their own way to educate themselves. And it’s a great discussion I have with them every time.

My turning point

Until one time, few weeks ago, I came to know about the financial mess in life of a friend and how he’s struggling for quite a long time

In his 13 years of working, he doesn’t have a single peso of savings.

Why? Because he was instantly buried in debt when one of his family members had to undergo an operation.

Any person who had experienced the same know how one hospital emergency could wipe out all one’s assets!

In his case, he had to borrow more than a million for that!

And so after more than a decade of working, sa bayad-utang lang napunta halos sweldo nya.

But here’s the point.

After  hearing about it, I felt an inner guilt.

If that man had only known about proper financial planning even before, probably mas ok sana sya sa finances.

That single moment led me to my turning point.

When I came home, I sent him an SMS, “bro, i want to help you, let’s have a session”.

And come appointment time, we met in a coffee shop, and stayed there for almost 5 hours discussing what he could do at this point. ( I realized I talk too much).

It was long but also fulfilling. And we were both happy. He resolved that in a year, he’d be debt free.

From that point forward, I made a decision to really share it na to immediate people around me.

And you know what?

Some people still don’t care, HAHA!

But I am also surprised by people coming to me after they see my posts. People ready to learn and are just waiting for a leading hand.
People who had already the interest that could have been not responded if I didn’t share a content in my personal wall.

And here’s one thing I realized.

When the purpose is much bigger than your preference

We people do things
i. at  first for our own satisfaction,
ii.and then we realized it’s kind of selfish doing it for our own, so we stop doing it.
iii. Then at some turn of events later on, we decide to do the same exact thing.. because we found a bigger purpose then

Why? Because we came to a point when the purpose is now much bigger than any other excuse we may have.

We come to our senses and we say “This is no longer about me, but about the purpose.”
Kaya any unfortunate result, negative comments, nvr (no visible reaction) we just ignore it but keep doing the same thing for the advocacy.

And if you think about it, it applies to any aspect of our lives.

We sometimes do things in life we don’t want to do (maybe because it’s inconvenient or even against our own beliefs) but since  we’re after some bigger reason, we choose to do it anyway.

Another example, The Feast  founded by Bro Bo Sanchez.

If you know its story,
i. Light of Jesus (LOJ) was at first a closed community bounded by strict rules and regulations.
ii. Then it realized its mission so it decided to reach out to “unchurched”  by offering something unusual – “aLive songs & talk ” after the holy mass.
iii. Many people loved it but some archdiocese didn’t like the idea and so there are still places now who still in a struggle to having the regular Feast.
iv. But despite the unwelcoming remarks (which they respected), they keep on finding ways to make it into a reality.

Again, it’s no longer “about the people behind the Feast but the bigger purpose of reaching out and finding the lost coin(s)!” No longer about the rejection but about the direction.


So maybe like you, you have people,, family and friends perhaps, you want to share financial concepts with, but are not YET responsive.
Worse, they brand you like “kuripot”, “madamot” etc.

I urge you to keep sharing anyway.
Maybe now, that person won’t respond right away, but keep on planting seeds.

Time will come, when that person becomes more open, he’ll know one person to go to.

And he will thank you later on.
happy sharing,

PS:If you think about it, financial concepts can have a lasting impact down a whole generation! wow! This very seems like a GREAT MISSION!

PS: I’d also want to hear from you. Did you have a similar experience? Share it in comments below.
Or maybe FB chat will do. Here’s my fb profile. Better yet, let’s have a meet-up, kwentuhan lang din.

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8 thoughts on “when you share financial concepts and people don’t care…”

  1. It happened to me most of the time. I’m an OFW, so I see how our kababayan fail to save and invest. There are stories of going home without ipon or working 2-3 jobs to pay the bills and debts for fancy stuff. Now I share tips to those who are willing to listen and it’s up to them to take action. I’m glad that one of the many who I gave advice keeps on learning (FB groups and books I lent) and applying the lessons.

    It’s rewarding to guide people and have someone to have a conversation about finance. And to continue the purpose of sharing, I started blogging about personal finance for OFW especially those who are living in Canada.

    Glad to also learn from smartpinoyinvestor.com and would love share your content.

  2. Agreed with this one and had something similar. I’ve read a few excellent finance books and used what I learned and had a six-digit net worth in a year or two just by saving and investing from my entry-level paycheck.

    While I was building wealth, my friends were all complaining about their maxed out credit cards and lack of savings. A few saw my books and asked for help.

    I had a realization: “What we know won’t help anyone else if we never share it.”

    So I wrote a book… which I haven’t sent to publishers yet. Then I realized again that it’s not helping anyone else if nobody can see those ideas but me…
    …and thus I started a blog a few moths ago (and like you, no comments or likes from my friends).

    People think wealth building is not a matter of life and death, but it actually is.

    Many die from hunger and disease caused by living in poverty, and many spend lifetimes in the “rat race” having never really lived. Knowing that what we can teach can enrich lives (even if I just have a handful of readers right now) keeps me going.

  3. @marlon Munez, you can start here how to invest in Philippine stock market – smartpinoyinvestor.com/beginners

    please also like our page for quick updates – Investing in the Philippine Stock Market – Tips & Tricks

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