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Last updated on July 7th, 2014 at 03:40 am

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the power of internet. (or technology in general)

kanina i was chatting in facebook with a newbie from la union, asking if he can buy PSE and PSEi. Of course I told him that he can buy PSE (the one enlisted) but not PSEi (which is only a tracker).

This easy way of discussion was not possible before but now is very easy even while lying lazy on your bed. Imagine how it can transform our culture if we just use it to share what we learn with interested people around us.

In our last seminar, there were people who went to QC (seminar venue) from as far as Bicol, Baguio, Pangasinan, Pampanga, etc. The seminar was set to start at 9am but not a few were already there even before 8am, coming even before usΒ  organizers.

Practical Money Management + How to Pick Winning Stocks June 28 2014

I’m humbled by each one of them. These people are seeking info which were not provided in their formal education and are more than willing to go this extra mile (and pay the price!) to educate themselves.

How about you? How long will you stay in your comfort zone? How long do you plan to just watch/read? Or hanggang teleserye nalang talaga ang excitement?

Time is ticking. One really little act (not just a decision) can unlock something big for you. Something you’ve been yearning for. Or at least something that will help you go for the things you think really matter.

My point? Seek continuous learning. Then couple it with actual action.Β  If it seems difficult for you at the start, then look for people who can help you. Don’t just be a bystander in your life. Be its scriptwriter. So you have the power to create the ending of your life. Not your manager, or boss, or whoever who will judge you.

Especially those in metro manila. Lucky for you it’s few rides away to go to helpful seminars. And there are even free. COL for one has basic FA/TA. What’s FA/TA? Forget muna, doesn’t really matter for now.

We’re now in information age. Good bye to old agricultural assets. Good bye to factories. Good bye to managers and companies. Good bye even to schools. Rules have changed. And so the game is changing. Question isΒ  – are you still playing in it? Are you ready for this paradigm shift? Late na actually. We are now slowly dominated by people of influence who know how to live life in this info-driven era.

Time will come you’ll no longer have the luxury of this. Maybe because of changed priorities. Kids and spouse to take care of,Β  a new meaning of life you find, or demands from your job/business. So while you can, do it now. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Do yourself a favor.

happy weekend!

– oMeng Tawid

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