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Finally, a Full Online Course on Technical Analysis

If you are into trading and market timing, there’s a brand new whole set of Technical Analysis online  course to help you avoid losses and multiply your earning.

For only 6k one-time learning fee, you will have 1 whole year access to a load of practical videos tackling everything you need to do to become a more effective trader in Philippine stock market. It’s an excellent online course for anyone (evens OFWs!) serious to be a self-directed trader now and in the future.

About the Full Trading Course

The program is a compilation of useful practical learning for you to start a trading career. It covers topics from general market knowledge to trading system development and from portfolio and risk management to trading psychology.

This course is designed to do away with the inapplicable subjects in a formal seminar like Certified Securities Specialist Course offered by the PSE. So to spend PhP6,000 compared to a PhP60,000 course is a great bargain especially for those who are just starting out.

This course is created by Hanson Ong.  Hanson is an FX and Equities Trader based in Manila, Philippines. He trades his own fund and loves sharing his views and experiences for the benefit of other traders.   He finished his PSE-CSS Course in Ateneo’s Continuing Education Program and a licensed Certified Securities Representative in the Philippine equities market.   His trading philosophy is all about keeping it simple and to keep money management above any type of analysis.

Program Modules

This is a series of modules containing videos that explains the things you should learn about trading. Once you get a pass, you can view it over and over again for 365 days. No need to be in a hurry to attend a webinar. No worry missing out on one. The course is at a click of a finger at your own pace. (Perfect for OFWs tradersn and outside Manila!)

Course Content for Full Trading Course

1. General Market Knowledge

  • Introduction to Equities Trading and the PSE
  • Introduction to the FX Market
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Macroeconomics
  • Long vs. Short
  • Dirty Tricks in the Stock Market

2. Technical Analysis

  • Price Action, Trends, Support and Resistance
  • Chart Patterns – Continuation, Reversals, Gaps
  • Fibonacci Retracement and Extension
  • Technical Indicators – Volume, Simple Moving Averages, MACD and RSI
  • Japanese Candlestick

3. Trading Systems & Trading Psychology

  • Charting Software Orientation
  • Trading System Development – Entry, Exit, Money Management
  • Portfolio and Risk Management
  • Rate per Pip & Daily Pip Range
  • Diversification in FX
  • Leverage and Margin in Detail
  • MT4 Orientation

4. Trading Psychology

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How to enroll

To get your access to the Full Trading Course, you can make your deposit to any one of accounts below:

Account Name: Romer Tawid
BPI Account # 4339300157
BDO Account # 006960030969
Metrobank Account # 6363636082407

Learning fee is Php 6000 only.
Considering the lifetime learning you get here, and comparing to more other training (mostly charging at least 10,000!), this is already a huge treat!

But if you pay on or before June 15 2017, you can get the course with a discounted fee of Php5000 only.

Important: Once payment is done, please confirm your deposit here.
You will receive your log-in details of your account once your payment is verified.

Don’t miss this if you’re serious in treating your stock trading skills as a money-generating business.

Sir, thank you for your generosity of sharing your materials.
I appreciate the info overload as I want to learn this as soon as possible. Of all the seminars I attended, none compared to the substance your imparted and I don't consider it overwhelming because my study background taught us to read tons of materials.

- Marizen A. Villamora
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