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[How to Tutorial for Beginners] Easy Investing at Philippine Stock Market with Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)


Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Review 2014

Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Review

133 thoughts on “[How to Tutorial for Beginners] Easy Investing at Philippine Stock Market with Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)

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  3. Freyjj

    Good day, Sir. I was wondering if pwede yung ganito. example I have 2000 shares sa JFC. if I plan to actively trade, say 500 of my shares, maaari po ba yun? at ano po ang implications if ever sir? Salamat po.

    1. Nenita Panganiban-Borysek

      Natural born filipino po ako, pero for the past 13 years i changed my Citizenship to German. Pwede po ba akong mag-join sa COL & paano po ang easiest way. Thanks a lot po.

  4. Z

    I want to invest in stock market po and im planning to open an account sa COL. I dont have an idea about stock market so im planning po to join TRC for guidance. Should i have to open an account first before subscribing in TRC?

  5. Omeng Tawid Post author

    Hello Leo, yes that’s common returns historically for long term investing.
    As to dividends, companies announce whether they have dividend pay out and you can be updated with it by looking at announcements in PSE website or in your online broker account.

    1. benjo

      Hi, is there any other fees aside 499 monthly as you mentioned when you joined TRC?
      my mind is set to invest in one year and expected to have returned, and wanted to use SAM. while i am starting to study and learn how stock market trading works. my main purpose is to have a profit / or return for a year for my wedding…cheers thanks..

      1. benjo

        follow up sir, in your own views and comments in a short period of time mag gain kaya ako ng sure profits / returns..kesa naman po kasi mag ipon lang ako sa bank for my wedding..thanks…

  6. Leo Rosa

    Hi, I am a mutual fund investor abroad, ave gain is 4-7%, inflation rate 1.8%, i not contented with my returns or gains. I would like to explore the PSE. 100k yearly investment,70% long term and 30 % short term investment. Does the big/great company stocks give returns/dividends/income at a certain period?, or they just grow in equity/value? Please give me advice how to allocate. Would 8-15% ave annual gain on so called best companies be feasible? Thanks

  7. Jiggy

    Since your also a member of truly rich club for sometime now, can you suggest a cheaper membership type for those na medyo nag ba-budget. For me personally, ang importante lang naman is ang stocks update.

  8. Cle Tabuzo

    Sir Omeng, if my 5k funds na ako sa COL, then let’s say bibili ako ng 20shares from a company priced 50.00, mas ok ba kung paisa2 ako bibili or madamihan na agad? Thanks!

  9. Jane Eliel A. Maramba

    Hi sir,
    Nakabili na po sa MEG and ALI upon reading your blog sabi nyo within 1week you sold your share ng MEG ang tanong ko po hindi po ba yun risky? Mostly nababasa ko just invest lang po what about selling?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Depende po yan sa market trend (if up or down) and skills ng investor on timing. While stocks is best for long term investors, he can sell anytime pa rin naman if he wants.

      1. Gloria P. Legarde

        Hi sir. May I ask if do you conduct a seminar in Iloilo or Bacolod ? If you have a schedule please do inform me so that I can attend. Im very much willing to participate . Thank you so much sir.

  10. janeth

    Hi sir, begginer palang ako sa stocks ngayon under of COL. gusto ko pong bumili which is 10K palang ang pera ko ano po ng stocks Account ang marereccomend nyo na magandang bilhin ngayon – Upon reccomendation po . Thank you


      1. Bryan Abad

        Sir Omeng since most of us are beginners or new to stock market and TRC is reliable partner, any suitable advise for us newbies on their current membership package, do we have to upgrade or stick to the normal membership fee…


  11. JM

    Sir kung mag hulog po ba ako ng 2k per month then saka palang ako biibli ng stocks pag nareach ko na ung 6k or quarterly ako bibili eh malaki po ba magiging funding fee ko ? ano po ba mas ok ? thank you sir.

  12. JM

    Hi sir, pag nagopen po ba ng account sa COL Financial minimum of 5k after that po pwede ko po bang ifund yung account ko for only 1k a month ? thank you po

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Yes JM, you can fund any amount. but may minimal “funding fee” in brokers like COL for every funding so better if you manage how many times to fund to save on fees. maliit lang naman ito, 5-10 pesos lang.

      other brokers like BPI TRade, FirstMetroSec, Maketrade, etc don’t have funding fees so check with your broker their policy on funding.

  13. Aled

    Hi Sir,
    Nagopen na po ako account sa COL ng 5k, then planning to set it for EIP for Example JFC po bibilin ko. Say, maghuhulog po ako ng 1k monthly. Automatic po ba ung 1k ko mapupunta sa JFC or may kelangan pa ko gawin from my end?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Aled, if meron kang ginawang EIP schedule sa account mo, automatic syang mag post ng buy order for you as per you set schedule. pwede rin naman wag ka nang mag set ng EIP calendar, manual knlang mag place ng buy order anytime you want.

  14. Arthur Jay Molina

    Sir Omeng, When buying stocks to big companies, SAM tells us to do it in regular basis like monthly. Then, I have 5k as my starting investment, Should I use them all in just one month then in the next month I have to fund again for buying stocks or Can I use that 5k for succeeding months by cutting it off then If I profit or I have the money that’s the time that I will fund it again. Can I do the latter? Thank you!

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Arthur, you can certainly do the latter. However for a budget of 5k only, it will be less profitable for you since your potential gains could just be eaten up by the fees.
      Ideally, SAM would need an investor to invest monthly – meaning regular funding – even 3k monthly, but in the end nothing will stop you how you will play or divide your capital and what to do with it. The monthly investing by SAM is only a good practice. Only remember SAM has long term horizon and very rarely does short term trades.

      1. Arthur Jay Molina

        Thank you Sir Omeng for the response. Basically, I am a newbie in this field and ideally speaking, I just want to know, how many shares should I buy per month? Would 2-3 shares per month are okay? given the fact that I lack funds. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Fausta A. Bustos


  16. Fausta A. Bustos

    Hi sir omeng, interesado po ako as SAM since I can’t commit to peso cost averaging due to limit of fund, My question is can I use SAM even if I am not a member of TRC. and iisang company Lang po ba any COL at Smartpinoyinvestors? At aNong company po Ako open ng acct if I want to use SAM? Thanks!

      1. Gloria P. Legarde

        Hi sir omeng .How much po ba initial capital for investment in stocks that you may consider a substantial enough, is 50k ok ? To have earning and to pay the fees involve in the investment( buying and trading fee)? Please explain /clarify…

  17. john

    sir omeng bkit hnd ako mk access sa trc e bayad na ako nung july 25 pa…bngyan na nla ako ng user id at password bkt ala parn????

  18. Marvy Castillo it wise to do peso cost average strategy and SAM strategy at the same time. for example in 70:30 ratio?

  19. Omeng Tawid Post author

    Hi Pierre, if you do direct investing, you are the only one in full control of all buying/selling, including the selection of stocks you want.. I’d suggest you start with good mutual fund companies if you don’t want to do active work when it comes to timing and stocks selection.

  20. pierre hordista

    granting i fully trusted my broker… would you advise that i will just let my broker decide which stocks to buy and when to sell it ? would that be possible omeng ?

  21. Diane

    Hi I’m a 20 yr old 4th yr college student and very interested in investing. However, my mom seems to be hesistant about it due to its riskiness and uncertainties. How do I convince her that investing in the stock market (though how risky it is) is actually a good opportunity to grow my wealth for the next 10-30 yrs? And also since I’m a college student, I still rely on my parents’ allowances. Can you suggest me anything that will help me start with this investing using only little money that I have? Thank you very much!

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Diane,it all starts with proper education.
      Bring you parents to any venue promoting financial literacy.
      I’d like to believe your parent just want to ensure that your money is used in good venues and they will only realize you’re actually starting well once they become more grounded on the subject.

      Keep it up!

    2. Lyrica

      Hello po, necessary po ba maghuhulog ng 5k monthly for your account or can i just use my profit to buy stocks?


  22. vin

    Omeng, im just new here, and interested in investing, let just say I funded my account 5k and and buy stocks worth 5k from JFC 2.5 per share, what will going to happen if share of stocks went down, let just say it went down from 2.5 to 1.5, do I loose in this case what will happen with the 5k that I invested?

    1. Jepoy

      Hi vin kagaya mo din ako baguhan sa stock market pero may account na ako sa COL at nag try na ako mag sell ng stock kahit maliit lang kinita ko actually 22 pesos lang dahil 100 share lang naman amg stocks ko sa pure gold, ang sagot sa tanung mo ito base sa konting experience ko. Hanggang hindi mo binibenta anc stocks mo kahit bumaba o tumaas ang price sa marker wala kang talo o panalo “paper gain or paper loss” ang tawag dun kasi hindi mo naman nabenta ang stocks mo makikita mo un sa portfolio mo kung kulay green nag gain ka kung red loss ka ganun lang wag mo masyado isipin na natalo kana agad later on tataas ang price sa market then go for selling your stock kung alam mong may kikitain kana.


    Hi Sir Omeng, pls advise me which of the two should I join, Pinoy Investor or Truly Rich Club given the limited funds I have right now. Which of the two can really help me to become wise in my investment? Simply put, I just want to know what stocks to buy and when to sell it? Thank you very much for prompt reply.- Sonny Manlapig

  24. Jerry ballesteros

    Sir omeng for the buy and hold method, pag invest ka ng 10k worht ng shares then Hayaan mo lng sya ng (few weeks or months maybe) without adding another share ay pede ba yun? The sell it pag mtaas ang price na? Gnun ba yung buy and hold method sir? GODBLESS

    1. Shycute

      Bro open k ng col acct mo din lets say 5k a month pra mas malaki kitain mo.. like me planning to have investment 60k per annum..every year ka ned mg fund sa acct mo.. longterm bro pra mgnda.. nuod ka ng video s col page bro. Try mo easy investment program EIP less hassle my schedule kalng sundan.

  25. Ramonchito Atoy

    Sir good afternoon, before you hit the target price and sell you stocks, Is your money will be in your account to buy another stocks? I” novice in this business.Thank you

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Ramonchito, your money should be in your trading account to buy stocks. After selling, proceeds will be added to your buying power. You can use it to buy new stocks or withdraw it (in which case, it will be deposited to your bank account)

  26. Michelle Serrano

    I am currently working overseas and i wanted to start investing in the PSE…question is how possible is it?..i mean,what are the usual supporting documents that the bank asked in opening stock account?…thanks!

  27. jayan

    Hi sir, I am jayan i am a working student and i want to increase my salary not just to help my studies but also my family but i do not know the process of getting the stock marketing. ayun po can you help me po para po makapag invest po ako? thanks po.

  28. jenny-lyn penera

    Hi sir im really interested in stockmarket.nbanngit dn skn yan ng professor q when i was in college. Sabi nga nia maski dw 5hun pwede. Can u help me?

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  30. jevie bautista

    Sobra po ako interesado dito matagal na di ko lng po alam pano magsimula pwede nyo po ba ako tulungan?

    1. Jepoy

      Google mo COL Financial follow the step on how to open an account, fill up the form make sure everything is correct , mail it or send it personal to their office address in ortigas if you are an ofw send it by mail, 1 copy of valid id is enough, wait for a couples of week always check email, need also bank account and TIN number is very important baka kung wala kang tin number hindi ka makapag open sa COL, when everything is ok na then funded your account of 5K then buy kana ng 1st stock mo.

  31. jorge

    hi sir omeng! tanong lng po ung PCA strategy for example nagstart ng 5k budget monthly un na d pwde dagdagan panu nman po kng SAM strategy?within the month pwde ma reach ung target price tpos ibebenta mo na syempre madagdagan ung money mo pambili ng stocks..ok lng po ba un sa SAM strategy kht every month iba2 ung budget mo pambili ng stocks? thanks po

  32. miguel lito

    sir tanong lng po.kng nakabili kna ng isang stock worth 5k.kelangan po bang dagdagan yun ng 5k every month or ok lng yung 5k na ininvest mo.mag gagain po ba yun every month?

  33. jorge

    follow up question po sir omeng. kng 5k ung budget every month ano po ung mas prefer ibili ung 5k ng isang stock tpos sa next month bili mo ulit ung 5k ng ibang stocks o d kaya hatiin ung 5k pra makabili ng 2 or 3 stocks?

    maraming salamat

    god bless

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Jorge, i suggest if you have 3 stocks in mind, you use 5k on first month to buy stock1, then next month use 5k to buy stock2. so on and so forth.. the key is to accumulate while the stocks are still below the “buy below price” . though this all depends on you.

  34. jorge

    gud day po sir omeng!,

    yung SAM sa TRC pwde po gamitin un sa trading?kng pwde po panu?kc alam nman po ntn na ung stock market d po cya stable i mean pabago bago..

    maraming salamat po


  35. girdlebun

    Hi! Okay pa rin ba yung LRI? Lately super downward trend siya I’m worried. Sya lang negative ko sa stocks ko. =(

    1. Jepoy

      According to SAM kapag na reach na ang target price then you sell your stock…kumita kana nun your closer to be come a Millionair.

  36. vanessa lee

    Im interested to invest sir but what to do and where to start? How does COL Plus with 25000 start up capital works than that of the 5000 initial investment?

  37. Silver Gonda

    Hi sir! Newbie here, If I'm to use SAM, where do I get the SAM table? Does that mean that I can only see SAM table if I'm a member of the Truly Rich Club? Do you think its advisable for newbies like me to use this method?

  38. Mark Ruiz

    thanks for sharing sir!!
    but can you give us a list of stocks that we can buy as of today october 2014? (e.g account money is only 20k?), thanks and more power

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  41. Omeng Tawid

    Hi @Carlos, target price is calculated using stock valuation methods by analysts. it's also called Fair Value. just subtract 15-20% from the resulting fair value and you can use the final figure as your Buy Below Price

  42. Carlos Decepida

    That was a simple but a good presentation of SAM. May I ask how do you arrive at the buy below price and the target price?

  43. Omeng Tawid

    Lia Bucala General methods are cost averaging, trading(market timing) or buy&hold.
    the rest are modifications/combinations of the three

  44. Lia Bucala

    Hi! I am really interested in SAM and I am a newbie, obviously. I wanted to start investing soon but I want to know the A, B, C's. Should I be a member first? Any fee? How do you charge every investor and when? Thanks!

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  47. Kristine

    Hi, Just want to ask if that initial 5000 is enough na or may required 5000 dapat na ihuhulog sa COL account mo when you opened an account there? Thank you!

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      5000 is enough to open a trading account. di naman requirement na dagdagan mo sya monthly but it’s a good sugestion to build it up

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