What is IMG (and how it can help YOU big in your financial life)

After receiving  a couple of inquiry emails about IMG (International Marketing Group),  below is a post where I share the information I have gathered about it so far being one of its associate members.

And I’m really excited to share this with you as this can be your great ally, tool and buddy in continuously improving your financial life, ultimately changing your life for the better, achieving your goals and even touching lives of the people around you (starting with your family).

As a brief background, IMG is one of the biggest and fastest growing financial services marketing company in the Philippines and going worldwide (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe). In the Philippines, they have local offices in Metro Manila and many provinces (Cebu, Davao, etc.)

As a financial products distributor company, IMG has established agreement with many of the world’s leading financial service companies to provide a broad array of financial products and services. With this, IMG has also been able to help thousands of its associates take advantage of the opportunity it offers providing  financial, business and mindset solutions.

Now that I’ve shared its basic background,  this time I listed some  points I liked most being an IMG member/associate and why I believe this is one great help for Filipinos seeking constant guidance in managing one’s financial life and looking for a great opportunity to improve one’s cashflow (which is a very important step in personal finance).

1. Save on commissions

This one I believe is one of the most immediate and great benefit of being its associate.

In the course of doing financial management, time will come when you’d want to avail a product from different financial vendors – insurance, investments, real estate, etc. In all these transactions, between you and the company vendor is an agent/seller. And this agent receives a commission for every transaction closed with you.

The first benefit is that IMG removes the need for that third-party agent because you yourself will act as your own financial advisor. In effect, you’re by-passing the middleman thus reducing your expenses on supposed-to-be commissions.

How to save commmissions on buying your financial products

And the good thing about it is that IMG acts as your one-stop shop of most financial assets you’ll want to have.

Imagine the trend in cellular phones. Before, one would normally need an mp3 player to listen to songs, a camera device to capture and view photos, a computer to view files and connect to the internet and so on and so forth.

But now, the simplest smartphone can do all of that with using just one device.

IMG works the same way.

So instead of going to several third-party brokers for your mutual fund, real estate, insurance, etc, you get the option do it all yourself much more neatly with IMG.

Result? You save on the commissions. This is a great way of protecting your money seeds in your hard-earned savings.

Say you want to open a mutual fund. Normally, you’ll look for an agent of your desired  mutual fund company and close the transaction with that person. Of course that agent will get a share from your invested money  and from any additional you’ll invest later on as your agent.

As IMG associate, you can do that yourself. Just do the same work of filling up the forms,  completing the requirements and submission to the office.

Say you want to be covered with an insurance policy. Just do the same normal procedure minus the agent and save on agent’s commission.

Say you want to buy a real estate/condo/house&lot/townhouse, you can do that too and receive what’s supposed to be the agent’s commission.

As long as the product provider you’ll want is affiliated with IMG, you can save on the fees by being your own broker with the help of  IMG as your intermediary. The good thing is that there are quite many big names in the financial industry it has partnered with  – Philam Life,  FAMI, PAMI, Philequity Fund Inc., DMCI, Ayala Land, SMDC,  and Kaiser (healthcare) to mention some (and this list continues grow over time!) And as an IMG associate, you get the opportunity to become an agent for all these affiliated companies.

IMG affiliate companies

IMG affiliate companies in Healthcare, Insurance, Investment, Real Estate and other financial services


Note that there’s no additional difference in price whatsoever whether you get to buy the financial investments/products from the company’s  own agents or through IMG. But instead of a third-party agent getting his/her slice as commission, you become in the receiving end. In fact, there are financial products that becomes more affordable when you course it through IMG as an added benefit to its associates. (Check at the later portion of this post). This way, you maximize every peso of your money to work for you through your desired investments.

This  kind of set-up also saves you so much time and effort in completing your financial portfolio. Instead of going to so many agents from different financial companies,  you’d just need to go to one place (IMG office), complete your desired transactions and save on the fees. Your focus should then turn to educating yourself with your mentors and the many trainings so you’d know the best financial portfolio suited to your financial goals.

There are free product trainings regularly offered about these product offerings you can attend where you can throw your questions  and have all your concerns answered to guide you in your decisions. Coupled with the financial education training it offers, IMG then provides a venue for its members to really practice what they learn  by actually doing it.

2. LOTS of trainings it offers to its members.

This is also another powerful advantage of being an IMG associate. I found out that every week, IMG  has scheduled trainings both for beginners with zero knowledge or those who want to have a more complete holistic learning.

And topics of these trainings need not be restricted to growing investments  alone but also tackles discussions like: The Winner’s Mindset, Estate Planning, The Spiritual Side of Money, Health Management, etc.

There are free seminars being offered to non-members but the higher-series trainings are exclusive only to members. As IMG associate,  you can attend scheduled trainings from practical money management strategies and financial planning, down to estate planning and everything else in between.

Annual conventions are also a great venue in expanding the mindset of each member who wants to make big developments in their financial life.

“Successful people constantly learn & grow.Average people think they already know.” – T.HarvEker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind


3. Special Product Offering Programs

This is another great benefit offered by IMG to its members.

The are certain financial products that are exclusively offered only to IMG associates which are really very competitive when compared to its regular offering  in the market.

One of that is IMG’s Multiple Option Super Super Term (MOST) program which is a group insurance program offered in partnership with Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company, exclusively to IMG members.

Unlike usual term life insurance that only gives death benefit, this special package plan offers more insurance benefits:

  • Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) Life Insurance provides Triple A protection: Anytime, Anywhere and Any cause of death except suicide and pre-existing conditions for the first two years
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Disablement Benefit (ADDD) pays a benefit over and above the YRT for death or dismemberment due to accident; Philam Life will double the amount of coverage if the member dies due to accident, or will pay a percentage of the amount of coverage in case of dismemberment or disablement
  • Terminal Illness Benefit (TIB) advances 50% of the YRT, up to a maximum of P500,000 if the insured member is medically diagnosed as having a life expectancy of 12 months or less
  • Optional: Cancer Critical Illness Benefit (CIB) pays a pre-determined amount if the member is diagnosed with Cancer.

Under this special offering, a person as young as 19 person can already get 1M coverage with just 2580 annual premium (and this increments by as low as 50-150 pesos  if you’re older. )

Say you’re 30 years old, then you’d only need to pay 3230 and you get the same  1M coverage. By the time you’re 35, the premium fee only becomes 3530.

I surveyed external agents about the market price of this same coverage and found out that the regular premium ranges much higher than this. You can check your favorite agent yourself and you’ll see that this offer is obviously a steal for its cheaper premium.

4. Personal Mentoring

Related to regular class training is close personal mentoring.

This is one thing I enjoy most within our team. As a curious student I always try to be, I appreciate the more  personal approach in tackling and learning things. Through IMG I found personal mentors who really value education in making informed decisions in designing one’s financial life.  Any time I have doubts, I always have the opportunity to ask and clarify my concerns . This way I also become more clear and firm with my decisions.

This is also where I had the chance to be mentored by Sir Lyndon Malanog, financial coach of Bo Sanchez Inc and contributor of Wealth Strategy articles in Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club. (You can download some of his Wealth Strategy contributions here). He’s also a member of Truly Rich Club’s Wealth Circle that has regular meeting with many giants in the fiels of businesses and entrepreneurship.  Imagine being mentored by and having access to a person who also constantly learns from big names and actual billioanaires!

Lyndon Malanog (and his wife) together with Edward Lee, Chairman of COL Financial, in one of Truly Rich Club’s event

And yes, this mentoring doesn’t have to be restricted to financial matters. With the times I’ve spent with my mentors, deeper relationships are cultivated which leads to a more supportive life setting. Just this alone makes my start in IMG worth it.

5.  Supportive environment.

Finally, IMG gives people the very environment to keep improving their financial life with the way it’s designed.

A fish, no matter how healthy, if living in a polluted water, will die soon. I realized this is the same in achieving anything.

In my personal experience with it, IMG offers a positive environment when it comes to doing financial preparation. It’s just a lot easier sticking to your financial commitments when you see people around you doing the same. This is very important especially in my case where I easily get distracted to so many thins and lose my focus. Whenever those times come, I’m reminded with the people who are with me at IMG.

If you’re always with people who always talk about the beauty of being in debt, chances are big you become like them buried in debt. But if people around you constantly talk about things like investments, growing and making oneself better, whew, it’s easy to get the fire burning again.

This is critically important in our Philippine setting that’s still has a lot of room to grow when it comes to financial maturity.

In fact, IMG is now leading one of the big financial revolutions for Filipinos around the world to transform them from being a spender, to a saver, and ultimately to an investor.

Actually, I first found IMG online year 2010 offering their free seminars. It’s unfortunate though that I was not receptive yet to its value during that time. I though it was some sort of scam or another networking that’s not going to be helpful. (Note that I already went into stocks investing also that same year 2010.)

Three years later, year 2013, I saw IMG again as one of the biggest sponsors at the Wealth Summit of Bo Sanchez, where I had the chance to really learn more about it and realize how it can help me after hearing from Lyndon Malanog.

There I realized better that they share the same vision with this blog in not just educating more people about the importance of financial literacy and planning but also transforming them to financially free individuals with the practical applications of the knowledge they learn and actually doing the right steps in personal finance. After learning more about it, I finally decided to join and submitted my form the next day.

Bo Sanchez Wealth Summit 2014

Bo Sanchez Wealth Summit 2014

And this post is a result of my great learning experience with it. It gives more than education of the mind, and really bridges the gap between the wealth and the poor (especially middle-class) and urge them to prosper with informed decisions grounded on a stronger financial foundation.

I would say that their training sessions, conventions and lessons are good eye-opener for many.

On top of the business solution it offers for those who want to have an increase in cashflow, its lessons are real, practical and thus worth-sharing especially to people you care and  like to help in their financial life.

I’ve  personally witnessed many live changes because of it.

And these are really ordinary people who now inspire many others too.

Some are seafarers and OFWs yearning to stop working at seas and abroad to spend time with their family, some are clerks, some are guards , accountants, government teachers, nurses, engineers, housewives, etc who started really small but because they opened their mind to learning new and changing their lifestyle to one that’s more supportive in achieving their goals, these same people are now doing well and spending all the time they want with their family reaping the harvest of their hard work. With the struggle they personally experienced, they’re able to share their lessons learned and inspire many to do the same.

There are more things I’d like to share about IMG, things like how it can help  increase your cashflow (which is the first step in having better grip on one’s finances)  among other things, but in case you have questions at this point on how it can possibly help you, you can just  send me an email – pinoyinvesting@gmail.com.

You can also just attend first a free Practical Money Management Strategies seminar IMG offers to the public and check it out yourself. If you’re interested to attend, you can just sign-up here. They offer it to general public for free (totally no obligation) as its tool in spreading financial literacy and raising financial awareness in everyone. As a financial products distributor company, it’s also their way of highlighting the importance of financial planning and investments. Attending this free seminar is also the first step in case you also want to be an IMG member and take advantage of all the benefits above, among others.

i learned a lot from Sir Lyndon

As I said, IMG is now leading one of the big financial revolutions for Filipinos around the world to transform them from being a spender, to a saver, and ultimately to an investor. Don’t be left behind by taking advantage of its real solutions.

Hope to see you in their free trainings.

Have fun investing (with consistent learning)!

– oMeng

Not everybody’s going to be an entrepreneur, but everybody should be financially literate. Financial literacy is a base requirement like spelling or reading or something of the sort that everybody should acquire at any early age. The financial habits you develop when you are young are going to go with you into your adulthood. But you can’t be an entrepreneur unless you’re financially literate. – Warren Buffett

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  1. Gina D. Garcia

    yes i will attend as soon as i have to time. As of the moment i have no time to attend but i want ot learn of how i can be a member of IMG. thanks and god bless


      You can attend the seminar in IMG The World Centre Makati tomorrow @ 10am. pls look for an SMD like Jerry Udarbe

  2. Juliet tan

    Proud to be part of IMG CEO Lyndon & Chona MALANOG CWE team!! We have finl center located at Kokoys Grocery sto Nino St.
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    FREE finl educ seminar s regularly conducted
    U may contact 09173218611.

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    Dear Omeng,

    I am interested to attend the seminar ….I am recently working in Hongkong now and as the same time studying of Entrepreneurial Management….I think it would be a big help to me to become an IMG associate…..I am wondering if possible for me to do it here in Hongkong…Thanks for your kind reply.

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    does IMG have a seminar for me to understand better what they’re offering. From your article I am really interested because I want to learn more about financials and get insurance at the same time. But im already middleaged eh so I want to know more about options are suited for me.

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    I eas wondering who is the nain financial arm of IMG if you plan to invest.The financial arm should be present on the seminar.IMG is the marketing company who market the products through MLM recruits to who ever is the financial insurance company who pay the commissions. Any help from members.

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    pls explain po, I read in the net that its a scam….It was like networking system, he was faithful in paying his contributions but the agent handling him did not gave him attention or assistance, since he was not able to find other recruits, then I think he lost his investment worth 19k. Can you pls enlighten me on this matter? did you ever come across with this news in the net?

  10. Eddie Isles

    This is the one I am waiting for. I want to learn and attentd the training. Do you have training in Laguna? I will encourage my relatives and close friends to attend the free training.

  11. Lora C.

    Can I receive commissions as an IMG associate even if I don’t have a member under me yet. Let’s say, me and my mom each got a mutual fund under my name as a IMG associate.

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