How to Invest in Philippine Stock Market for Beginners

How to Invest in Philippine Stock Market – Tips, Tricks, Stock Picks, Recommendations & Free Online Lessons & Tutorials for Beginners

If you are

  • A beginner in the Philippine stock market totally blank and clueless about stocks and investing in Philippines stocks echange
  • Or an already-investor but looking to have a more practical understanding of investing in the Philippine stocks market

then this is definitely the page for you.

Here you’ll finally be able to nail down the basics and essentials of investing in the Philippine stock market even if you have zero experience.

The goal is to give you as few information as possible so you can start quickly but never carelessly. Few info lang muna because I want you to avoid information overload which frustrates newbies that stop them in taking the first steps. Time is your best ally when it comes to investing, so making sure that you start as soon as possible is of utmost importance for you. With that said, you can download our quick start guide to investing in Philippine market pdf for beginners here. It’s the summary form of this page =).

how to start investing in philippine stock market

Let’s begin!

In this page, expect that

  • You’ll be able to confidently start your baby moves as a beginner in the Philippine stock market world.
  • You’ll also have access to various tool and resources that will equip and help you more as you go along your financial journey of investing
  • You’ll learn where you can get your personal support group to cheer you up, holding your hands while you’re just starting investing and shortening your learning curve
  • And lastly and more importantly, you’ll have a sound mindset that will keep pushing and inspiring you and that is far more rewarding than any profit you can get in the stock market. Why focus on mindset? Because maniwala ka o sa hindi, your money problems is 90% mind problems. And soon you’ll realize that investing in Philippine stock exchange has also got to do with controlling this mindset.


Note: What follows are my first-hand experiences when I was starting in this stocks investing thing. Enclosed in green boxes (like this one) are the actual steps I recommend to you based on what I have learned so far, with some links to simple tutorials for beginners to help you jump start your investing journey in Philippine Stock Market. In case you have other questions on each of those steps, just let me know in the comments below.

My First Days in the Philippine Stock Market

But before that, let me share my own story how I actually started investing. I was really ignorant financially before, let alone on investing in the Philippine stock market.Totally had no idea about financial and investment ek-ek ( I finished a highly technical engineering degree!).

I just first considered thinking about stock investing weeks after I had read Bro Bo’s book which ignited my financial freedom expedition. Then it was followed by an invitation from one of my lecturers during my board exam review.

Up to now, I could still clearly remember how that kind professor said his regret on his late entry to the market. That it took him many long years before he and the stock market met along the road.

So when I finally decided to give it a try, I went the next day to an online trading brokerage firm. I started really small – 10k lang. (Yes you can start with as small as 5k lang actually).

Just like starting anew in anything, my clueless personality made all the moves for me in a wide vast field of unknown.

All I had to hold on was my mustard dream of financial freedom and the belief that stock investing might be a path for that dream. I managed to cut the chase, and applied for an account.

STEP 1: Assuming you’ve learned the basics of financial planning and decided to go into directly investing in Philippine Stock Market, the first step you’d need to do is to open a stock trading account. This account is the one you’re going to use to actually buy and sell stocks or shares of companies.

For beginners,  I recommend  opening an ONLINE stock trading account because of the convenience it offers compared to a traditional broker.

Unlike using traditional brokers which is the practice before where you have to call your live broker to place stock orders in your behalf, having an online trading account allows you to do the same on your internet-connected computer/mobile screen on your own, anytime and anywhere (even if you’re outside the Philippines).

Opening an online trading account is just like opening a regular bank account (think of your payroll/ATM). All you have to do is go to the website of your preferred online broker, read the account opening instructions, download all the forms,fill them out and submit it together with all the other requirements to their office. After submission, you just wait within the next 2-3 days  for their email confirming that your trading account is ready for step 2 – which is funding it.

I have made in this review post a summary of four online brokers you can choose from – COL Financial, First Metro Securities, Philstocks and BPI Trade, and at the end shared my recommendation.

You can also check HERE a simple tutorial on completing this first step with the click by click tutorial shown below that will guide you how to open account in COL Financial (formerly Citiseconline) as online stock broker.

How to Open Account in COL Financial


My First Purchase in Philippine Stock Market

Philstocks was my first online broker, precisely because it was the one I initially found out in the net that required only 5000 initial deposit to actually start trading.  Currently though I’m happy as a loyal client of COL Financial, formerly Citiseconline.

Minimum investment required was 5000 pesos, but I put down 10k just to put a front that I have more than the minimum. Pride I guess haha. The lady in charge gracefully accepted it after examining my forms, then handed me an official receipt, which was also the highest-valued receipt I received ever since.

With my humble 10k initial investment, I was too excited to buy a company share and brand myself a part-owner of a giant company. Hard-core traders would laugh on me for that, but I was already more than happy just giving it a try.

STEP 2: After opening your online trading account and receiving an email confirmation from your chosen online brokerage firm that your account is ready, the next thing you’d need to do is to FUND your account.

You can actually do this during your account opening day in their office by making an initial deposit just like what I did above but you also have the option to postpone this and just do the funding after you’ve received their email confirmation containing your account details. This email will include your account number which you’ll use in your funding-your-account step. Note that your initial deposit already forms part of your investments which you can use to buy your first stock.

Funding your trading account works  via merchant payment through a bank (BPI/BDO/Metrobank). If you’re aware of paying utility bills(Meralco/Mobile plan) through banks’ merchant payment, that’s exactly it, with the difference that you use your trading account details given to you by your broker through your email.

An example taken from online broker COL Financial website is shown below for manual bank deposits.

What I recommend though is the more convenient option which is doing merchant payment online with your bank’s online system (ex: via BPI Express Online as below).

BPI Express online funding COL Financial account

There’s NO required monthly funding

How much you’re going to put to your trading account on top of the initial deposit you is completely up to you. While your online broker may require a minimum of Php5,000 initial deposit to activate your trading account (activation means your account is ready to buy your first stock), it’s all your decision whether to add more on that later on.  As such, there’s totally NO required amount you need to add regularly (weekly, monthly, etc) to your investments. However, take note that your buying power will obviously depend on the amount of fund you put into your trading account.

Check on the respective procedure of your online broker on this step but this should be a very simple task.

Below is a lengthy tutorial in case you have questions related to above steps.



The moment I received my account details in my email after few days ready with buying power from my initial 10k deposit,  I made my first stock order.

And my first ever transaction: buying 2000 shares of Megaworld Corporation (stock symbol MEG) at 1.87 per share!

Total cost is 3763.60 only. Wheee!

My first days in the philippine stock market for beginners

My first transaction: buying 2000 shares of Megaworld Corporation (code MEG) at 1.87 per share

I was actually totally clueless on what to buy for the first time, and only got the hint of buying MEG from that same professor who’s teaching in our board exam review.

Recollecting, when the class becomes bored with chemical principles and unit operations stuff, he would start cracking some jokes, and then afterwards would invite us to try investing. He suggested that we experiment with MEG. His jokes served its purpose, (he’s actually the first to laugh out even before delivering the punchline!), but I got more curious and gravitated to his stocks stories and followed his MEG recommendation.

To see how stupid I was that time, I was not even aware that MEG is a real estate developer company. Haha. Whenever I see its stock code MEG on my computer screen, Sharon Cuneta entered my mind, you know, the local MEGastar. Booboo!

But who cares? When I posted it online, my computer screen didn’t ask me anyway!

And when it got matched, my heart jumped with joy. I went back to my work, but I smilingly secretly applauded myself. Deep inside I was telling myself “I hardy spend 500 pesos for a purchase, and here I am spending 3.7k for something I can’t even touch!” Whaha!

That was August 31 2010, a different Tuesday for me.

STEP 3: Once you have funded you trading account, you now have the cash power to buy your first stock. You can check the next tutorial for the step-by-step procedure on how to do this – How to Place your Buy/Sell Orders in Philippine Stock Market.
or watch this short clip on placing a buy or sell order when Philippine stock market is open.


There are now three questions now you’ll need to answer at this point:

1. What investment strategy are you going to use? Are you going for long-term, short-term or a mix of it?

2. With the strategy you have in mind, what stocks will you buy? With more than 200 stocks to choose from, how do you decide what to buy?

3. Given the strategy and the stocks to buy, WHEN do you buy/sell? In other words, what/when are your entry and exit points?

It is important that your answers to these questions should reflect your goals, time-horizon and trading skills that you have. Your answers to these will also help lay down your plan for your investments (which is critical), how much time you’re going to devote and to what extent your daily routine will be changed.

For newbies, I recommend starting with Peso-Cost Averaging (PCA) while you’re in your learning curve. This is a simple strategy that involves investing fixed amount of money in giant companies at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, etc) over a long period. This is a totally passive approach which does not entail daily monitoring. However, those doing this strategy should understand that this really requires  a long time frame – as long as 10 years or more. You can learn more about it here.

Personally though, I’m primarily using a modified PCA called Strategic Averaging Method which answers all the three questions above. It is designed for those who want to maximize their stock investments without drastically changing your daily routine. You can check here for its details.

How to invest in Philippine Stock Market with Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)

My First Profit from Philippine Stock Market

Two days after, I checked my account online, and BANG! I saw a shock of my life! The price of MEG went up to 2.05!

I was thrilled! How can multiplying money be that easy, I thought! Feeling all the excitement, I decided to sell it right away at that price. I posted a sell off-hour (after trading hours) order at 2.05 per share that afternoon, and was hit the next morning. Paper profits( meaning profits that’s still virtual until actually sold) became actual realized gains!


My first days in the philippine stock market for beginners 2

I did the math, ‘twas more than 200 pesos gain just for three days. Hmm, not bad at first sight.I don’t think I can spot the same by whole-day roaming along the busy streets of Metro Manila.

But computing the rate of return, that’s more than 9% gain in just three-day period of time! That was obviously not REALLY bad! (Note: To compare, your money in your favorite bank grows at less than 1% a year).

I disclosed below a snapshot of what I have experienced later on that year 2010 just as a beginner.

As you can see above, my second buy of stock was 2000 shares MPI at 3.55 per share.

I couldn’t remember where I got the inspiration of buying Pangilinan-owned MPI as my next move, (I guess from some rumors), but elated by price appreciation I had in MEG in just three days, I purchased 2000 shares of it the next trading day. After just one week and one day, seeing another good return, I immediately put a sell order, and broom, that’s instantly more than 7% gain!

The next was even more fantastic and ecstatic.

I still remember when my Math reviewer this time said “Mahina nako pag di umabot ng dose [yung price] ang SMDC”. He appeared to me as experienced enough to give such a prediction.

So innocently and experimentally relying again on that advise alone and trusting his instincts, (without knowing yet about fundamental and technical analysis), I entered a buy order for 1000 shares of SMDC. Seeing it was executed, I went back to my job, and waited what would happen next.

But lo and behold, in only just two weeks, its price went up high to 10.36. Super amazed by the profits in a very short period of time, I immediately grabbed the chance, and reaped that whopping 21% gain. Waaah!!!

As you can see from the list, the profits was even followed by other buckets coming from MEG and FLI.

I bought 3000 shares of FLI and another 3000 shares of MEG at 2.49 at the same day. The 3000 shares of FLI though took a longer time to appreciate, that I needed to average down by buying another 3000 shares at 1.27 per share until I finally sold it all at 1.35 per share a gain of almost 2% ,still bigger than the interest rate of banks .

But the 3000 MEG shares I sold immediately when made its way up to 2.78 per share at an enormous 13% gain in just three weeks.

Is your money sleeping in the bank?

Here comes the more interesting part.

You can check the prices of the stocks mentioned above and you’ll find out how stock market could be a GREAT OPTION when it comes to growing one’s wealth for the LONG TERM.

As of market closing on May 14 2014, MEG’s price is 4.68. FLI is 1.65 while MPI is 5.23.  SMDC had been delisted though while JFC is now 176.


Disclaimer: Past performance doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the exact same results in the future.

This does not include yet the dividends given for the last 3+ years.This gives us an insight as to the common observation that the rich gets richer. The truth is that there are many available vehicles to ride on that make wealth building and protection a lot easier.  And investing in the stock market is just one of it.

Now digest all those figures and start your imagination.Henry Sy’s BDO and Ayala’s BPI will never ever offer such interest rate in your savings accounts.

What they would skillfully try to do instead is to attract every individual employee to deposit their hard-earned money in the form of savings, time-deposit accounts, checking accounts or any other fancy name, invest them wisely to buy shares just like what I did, obtain that 10%-20% gain in a matter of DAYS with their trading skills, and as a sign of respect and thanksgiving after leveraging on your money, give you a 0.5-2.5% ANNUAL interest as consolation and solace. Now you know how they can afford to build and maintain those large air-conditioned buildings and pay all their bankers and managers.

Beginner’s Luck

Now I m not sure if those consecutive gains is just what they call beginner’s luck, but that great performance really caught my interest towards the stock market as a vehicle to achieving some of my goals.

At this point, it would be careless of me if I would not mention the fact that even though I earned during my first days in the market, remember that the risk of losing money will always be there. And so it’s important not to be carried away by the returns mentioned above and balance your view with the risks always involved.


My Current Investing Strategy

Fast-forward, now I’m still learning, and… earning.

In fact, many times I get surprised when I check my email and be notified by the money being added into my account as dividends I received as an investor (without doing any active work except to invest). In the sample below, just the dividend pay-out alone already beats the earnings from bank’s savings account interest! (A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits. You’ll learn more about this in the lessons below.)

How to Invest in Philipipine Stock Market for Beginners 3

One way of making money in the stock market is through dividends

As mentioned above, I primarily use now the Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) which has removed all the stress in all my investing decisions. I believe it’s the easiest way of growing one’s wealth through the stock market in the long term. (You can learn more about this strategy here.)

A day with philippine stock market

And looking back, I realized I was very lucky I started doing this early in my life. At least, may napapala ako (investments) kahit papano in my years of working (without so much analysis).

That way I can enjoy my present life without worrying (or sacrificing) my financial future. Many people I’ve met through this blog actually showed so much regret on their LATE entry in preparing for their financial future. And this is one of the reason why I started this blog.

To pay it forward, I shared all my learning (mistakes included) in this blog from the point I started investing with zero knowledge.

So enjoy reading the rest of this page . Share your questions/comments below if you have. Also subscribe in the form below so you get the latest posts in this site straight in your email.

You can also stop muna at this point and ponder how investing in Philippine stock market may help you in achieving some of your financial goals.

Pero kung nagmamadali ka na talaga, watch the short introductory video I made here where I summarized the basics that you need to know and do to actually start investing in Philippine Stock Market. After watching, just follow the suggestions outlined below for more guidance.

SUGGESTION A: As good introduction into investing in stocks, you can read My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… and Why You Should, Too! by Bo Sanchez. I personally started with this tiny book

This is a light very interesting read with not so much financial jargons.

It’s just like you’re reading children story, but this time a story that can change your life.

Download you FREE ebook HERE.

SUGGESTION B: Make sure to download your second investing ebook which contains all the basic thing you need to know about investing in Philippine stock market.

Your free ebook is specifically designed for absolute beginners, much like an introduction to a vast knowledge about stock market.

All the basic topics you need to know to start investing are shortly discussed there.

Time to read the ebook is only 15 to 30 minutes, which means you can be mentally prepared buying your first stock in a matter of less than an hour!

Simply subscribe in the form here and the ebook will be sent to your inbox right away.

SUGGESTION C: Browse through the outline below to get a more comprehensive discussion of your selected topic, only if you want.

The eBook above you’ll be receiving should actually be enough for you as a warm-up; but should you want to upgrade your investing knowledge, simply go through the list of contents below and find answers to your questions.


Finally like our facebook page for other lessons, updates and quick tips about investing through your social network accounts.


Stocks 101 – Shucks! What are stocks?!

Be a Strategic Investor

Things you’ll need to buy your first stock



If you have more questions not answered in the ebook and content outline above which you want to be added and covered here, simply put your questions/comments/message below and we’ll see to get back to your query and improve this blog for the benefit of other new investors like you!

Enjoy the journey, Have fun investing!

As this point, I want to say “WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINE STOCK MARKET!’

Again, if you have specific questions in mind, you can put them in the comment below (or send them through my contact page) and I’ll surely respond asap.

It’s high-time you start making your money work hard for you!

Have fun investing!

See you at the investing arena

Omeng Tawid \_(“,)/

PS: Share your questions/comments below and I’ll see to answer them agad. Or you can send them through my contact page.

PS2: You can download our quick start guide to investing in Philippine market pdf  for beginners here. It’s the summary form of this page =).

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Buying/Sellingsir yung po bang pag iinvest ng hindi regularly okay lang ba? like nag buy ako ng 2000 shares ngayun then hahayaan ko muna siya, then wait for a higher selling, dun ko pa lang bebenta, and after ko mabenta eh dun pa lang po ult ako bibili ng shares, is that ok lang po ba?Yes, pwede naman yan since it all depends on you if you want to buy or sell anytime. But i suggest you keep adding monthly and make stock market for your long-term goals (more than 10 years)
Buying/Sellingwant to start but how i will sell my stocks kung gusto ko na po xa ibenta? May expiration po ba? Kelangan po rin ba imonitor every time ang aking account or ang online trading? or pede kahit after 3 days or a week bago mo po mamonitor?If you are long-term in investing, no need to monitor it frequently. I check mine at most twice a month because i have long-term horizon and puro giant companies mostly hawak ko. but you can sell anytime. the decisions are all up to you.

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    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Tin, normally you just choose one the many commonly used brokers we have – COL Financial, BPI Trade, First Metro Sec, 2TradeAsia, Philstocks etc.
      I made a short review about stock brokerage firms in the Philippine stock market here.

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      Hi Maureen, your investment in Philippine stock market forms part of your estate (treated like your real properties, and other assets you will leave). It’s not like insurance where you have beneficiaries. So applicable estate laws regarding inheritance will be followed during that time. Best to let your family know you have stock investments so they can get it as part of your estate.

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      Pls check with your specific online broker for exact procedures.

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    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hello Mikko.
      Once your stocks are sold, the cash proceeds will be credited to your account.
      After the clearing process which takes three days, this proceeds can now be withdrawn to your bank account.
      You do this by sending a withdrawal request to your broker (via email or something else in your account).
      This is really easy. If you submitted your withdrawal request after their day cut-off time, it will be deposited directly to your bank account on the same day.
      Your broke will now your bank account since you give this in your account opening application in them.
      This may be too much to digest now, so I suggest just take the first step – opening an account – and things will be easier to understand.
      Also go through this helpful guide >> How to invest in Philippine Stock Market for Beginners Guide.

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        1. Omeng Tawid Post author

          @Lei, thanks. I’m not with COL though, not an employee but just a client.
          For review of online brokers in Philippine stock market, you can check this blogpost reviewing COL Financial, BPI Trade, First Metro Securities, BDO Nomura, and MakeTrade.

  25. Kristine Joy Timbal

    Hi ! Sir Omeng, Question. Kumikita ka lang ba sa stock market by selling? o kumikita ka sa stock by monthly mong investment? o kumikita dahil sa pag taas ngshares mo ? o dahil lang talaga sa dividends? Thank you

  26. Russ

    Thank you for sharing this. I really want to know how to invest in stocks for a long time. Your website really makes me understand the basic. I will apply for starter first (5k). God bless you!

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  28. Pingback: 15 Small Businesses Worth To Invest In The Philippines – Usual Needs

  29. Jacqui

    Bat po nagiiba yung total equity value sa portfolio? Ano po meaning nun?Sorry mejo newbie sa investing eh thanks po

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi May, yes, it will be an ITF account type (IN Trust For). The difference would be the following:
      1. In filling out the form, the parent would be the Primary Account Holder and the minor would be the Secondary Account Holder. In the signature portion, the Primary signs on the first line and the name of the minor should be written on the second line.
      2. An ITF (In-Trust-For) Supplementary Agreement must be accomplished as part of the application form.
      3. Photocopy of the following should be submitted together with the application form.
      For Principal:
      1. Any government ID
      For Minors:
      1. Birth Certificate

      In the case of ITF, The Primary Account Holder needs to be the biological parent of the minor. Otherwise, adoption or court papers showing appointment as the minor’s guardian have to be presented.
      Once the beneficiary reaches the age of majority, the Primary Account Holder may convert the account into either:
      (1) a Joint Account with the beneficiary; or (2)an Individual Account under the beneficiary’s name.

  30. Rommel Santos

    Thank you po! Fresh graduate and have a job. Since ako yung huling pinag aral ng magulang ko and they’re financially stable naman I want to invest for my future. Thanks for this and pag aralan ko pa.

  31. Lei Dy

    I really want to know more about this kind of thing. 🙂 I read up all the writings above, it was really interesting. Not just about earning money but it is something that really need to have a good strategy. Medyo susugal ka rin pero Exciting! 🙂

  32. mac

    is it okay to start this stock market at bpi trade ? the thing is I have zero knowledge to im a student but wanting to have financial stability . is it just fine if i go to their office then ask questions ?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Yes BPI Trad is OK. Just go to their website to start your application, YOu will need to submit the accomplished printed forms to one of their branch and wait for few days for approval of your application. From that point, you can start funding and start buying your first stock.

  33. sarah robles

    Hi Sir Omeng. I’m thankful that I found your blog, its really helpful for us who wants to start investing in stocks. I’m planning to start next year, gusto ko muna pag-aralan before I finally open an account in COL.

    Sir Omeng, may I know your thoughts on COL’s EIP? Do you recommend this for first timers like me? Or is it better to just simply open an account, fund it then buy stocks yourself?

  34. Therese Fajura

    Hello Sir Omeng, I am just a little baffled at this moment. I actually get what you’re pointing out in terms of the basics of investing. I am just confused, how does it differ with the LIFE INSURANCES we currently have in the Philippines?

    What you discussed and what these insurance companies offer are of different kinds po ba? Mutual funds, etc.etc. Do you have a separate discussion about how these Life Insurances work? I’m hoping to hear more from you sir. And thank you for this wonderful website, this is really an eye opener! 🙂

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Theresa, insurance is very different from investment.
      There are important differences and here are only few:
      (1) Insurance has a policy that need to be reinforced by mandatory regular payments within a prescribed period. Say quarterly you need to pay 5000 premium for 10 years.
      Investment does not have mandatory payment(investment). In stocks, you’re all in control when to add to your investments.

      (2) in terms of returns, clients (or their beneficiaries) get the “returns” on their premium paid when the unfortunate happens to them (untimely death or critical sickness).
      investment on the other hand has no such guarantee, your money’s value fluctuate depending on market conditions.

      However there are now what is called as VUL/ULP (unit linked products) that combine insurance and investment so that in case you die early, your beneficiaries get the face amount of the policy, and in case you live long enough, you get the investment value of your insurance contract. you can talk to a financial advisor or email me here – if you need more details

  35. Ruben Canoy

    Investing on stockMarket needs skills for reading and analyzing the fundamentals and technical. Investing before we back 20 years ago its so hard because it says it just only for those who have plenty of thousands pesos or million pesos to participate the trading on stocks.

    But today’s internet access and little by little many new investors are willing to learn on how to trade and invest on stock market. Tips and tools on reading the charts is quite now easy. You can surf online for tutorials and tips. You can invest as little of 5,000 pesos… You can be a trader or an investor.

  36. Jane

    Hi Sir, thank you so much for posting your experience on stock market. When I was still in college i really want to buy stocks, bonds ect. i’m still clueless that time how it works i also dont have that much funds on my own and alot of relatives think its just a scam. But when im starting working i have funds but a lot of scam thing out there i was scared, kasi hard earned money eh.. hahaha so i didnt push it thru, but still my will on investing, my dream of money works for me.. sarap kaya yun yung di ka ngwork para mgkapera xmpre in a long run like 10-20-30 years from now. Im only 23 years old i want to do stock market but i dont know how i have the idea but that’s just it, however after reading this blog i know now how. Thank you so much po!!! God bless po.

  37. jimmy


    I’m planning to invest around 100K to be broken down into 10 different companies. Costly po ba in terms of commissions and other charges kung hahati-hatiin sa maraming companies yung 100K? Per company po ba ang computation ng broker’s charges?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Jimmy, it’s fine. you may also want to check investing in mutual fund, a good venue to learn investing with less risk compared to direct investing in stock market.

  38. cha

    Hi, matagal ko na pong gustong mag invest sa stocks, possible po ba kahit college palang ako? and kung may account na po ako for example sa bdo, kailangan ko pa po ba mag open ng ibang account for stocks or i can use my bdo account and savings na din po sa account na yun?

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  41. geland

    ano pong company ang mgandang lagyan ng invest? im newbie. still confused?? marami pong tanong sa isip ko. heheh ano po fb nila? pde po bang malaman to ask question. thank you

  42. bryan

    Sir Omeng im willing po ako mag join i will try first 5k capital ano po ba ma bigay mong tips ano po maganda sa trading or stocks market?

  43. Loralie Guevara

    Hello ! Sir, ano po ba the best decision kpag below p10,000 ang fund, mag-invest or trade lalo n kpag wla pa budget para s nxt fund for 3 months para hindi maging inactive ang account s COL ? tnx po.

  44. James

    Hi good day magandang araw po sa inyo
    Ang tanong ko pag bumili b ako ng stocks n halagang 5k kailangan ko pb hulugan buwan ung stocks n nabili ko

  45. JM

    Hi Sir. kamusta po yung lioquidity ng pera ? pag nagsell kana po ba ng shares mo. automatic credited ? or nasa broker mo pa sya then saka palang idedeposit sa account mo ?

    1. JM

      Follow up question lang po. sir pwede mo ba mag deposit ng atleast 1k anytime sa COL account mo para lang may fund ka to buy stocks ? sana po mabasa mo 🙁

      1. Hanna

        Yes. Pero may charge po depende ano gamitin mo. Sa akin po I deposit to my COL account through my BPI account and I am being charged 5 pesos per transfer.

  46. Pingback: Best Stock Market To Invest In |

  47. Paul

    Hi Omeng, great read, thanks for sharing your experiences, it is really helpful for beginners like me. I have a question, is the commission being billed by the broker fixed @ 20php? what are other charges I need to look at before buying, specially selling, to make myself profitable on my chosen stocks?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Paul, yes the minimum commission received by your broker is 20 pesos. There are other smaller fees involved. You can use my computation tool to calculate them for you.

  48. Jane Ramos

    Hi po. I just want to ask kung pwede po ba rin mag open ng account or makapag invest kahit di po nakatira sa Pilipinas? nasa vietnam po ako with my family for almost 6 years na and I want to invest sa stock market sa PH.

  49. Gene

    hi sir omeng, ibig sabihin ba ng “sell” stocks ay icli2ck mo lang ung button tapos na sell na xa? or kailangan pa maghintay ng buyer? help po please.

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  51. Azraeal

    Omeng, I’ve read your advises regarding stocks,well I can say that I am somehow financially able. I am a licensed professional in a medical field, somehow my fears in trying my luck in stocks is holding me back. How do you predict the stability of the stocks in this coming administration in your own personal level. I’ve seen downtrending … Though short term… Can you confidently state your personal opinion in this risqué endeavor. I just need your insights before I pursue stock investing.

  52. Benedict

    As a young one, I’ve always wanted to kick off with investing in stocks. It wasn’t really that clear… until now. Shall keep you posted sir!

    Thanks for the help.

  53. Chie Solamo

    Good Day Sir Omeng Tawid,
    Thanks po sa lahat ng info about stock market investment, im started doing it already, at malaking tulong po yung lahat ng information nyo, dahil sa info nyo mas napadali yung pag open ko ng account sa COL Financial at yung unang pagbili ko ng stocks,
    Keep on learning about stock market at dahil sa blog nyo mas madali ko na syang maintindihan kaya thanks po,

    Chie from Singapore

      1. Jessica

        Sir omeng panu po mag invest sa stock market?nasa bahrain ako..pls gusto ko din mag invest sa stock market ng pinas kaso hindi ko alam kung paano…pls guide sir.thanks

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  56. Juvanie Gabotero

    hi MR.! I’m really inspired by your blog, i’ve been thinking of going into stock marketing lately pero nagdadalawang isip ako dahil narin siguro sa wala naman tlga akong ka-clue2x sa anu nangyayari sa Stocks2x nayan.. pero thank you you inspired me tlga… tanong ko lang, sa planu ong pagsisimula, advice-sable (or pwede) bang bumili na ng more that dalawa or more na stocks sa isang napili kong brokerage? or kelangan tlga na every after another month? i dont know…

  57. Jayson

    This is very informative. I’m planning to venture into stock trading and I’m glad to have discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience in an easy-to-understand fashion.

    Maraming salamat! More blessings to you!

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  59. tracy

    what if i’m only a college student and i would like to start as soon as possible. Can I open an account po? 🙂

    1. Ben

      Yes pwede po, 18+ ang required age 🙂 … college student din ako going 19… nagsesearch narin ako about stocks and sana by August mag start na ako mag invest


    Hi! po gusto po malaman paano mag start maginvest ofw po ako? anu pong marerecoommend nyong strategy na madali kong masusundan..thanks

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      There’s no exact formula na makapagsabi nyan.. but there are indicators that can be used.. more on chart analysis na ito

      1. Lalin

        Sir tanung ko lang po,,,bago lng po ako sa investing,,my shares akong nabili,,GTCAP,,10 shares,,nabili ko xa, atleast 1150 each share,,now mataas na yung presyo,,around 1,450,,im doing long term investment,,thats my plan,,pero,now,,its instant almost more than 2,000 pesos gain,,nagdadalawang isip po ako,,kung bebenta ko xa now,,or wag na lng,,kc bka kikita naman ako sa dividends,,,im confused,,,maliit pa lng yung investment ko,,last september lng po ako ng start,Thanks po sa reply,Godbless

        1. Joey

          Personal opinion ko lang po kung confused kayo on when to buy and sell I’d suggest studying po yung SMA,EMA and MACD. I personally use MACD and SMA ng sabay for selling lr buyin confirmation. 🙂

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  62. Jc

    Sir omeng, ask lang po paano bumili marami share kc un board lot un lng limit. Bkit un iba nakalampas like say 100 un board lot lmg limit. Pero un iba 1000 shares nila. Paano nila nagawa un.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      board lot is the minimum po. You can buy more but your volume has to increment by board lot.
      Example, if board lot is 100, then you can buy 100, or more like 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 11100 1200 and so on and so forth.

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  65. Juls

    Be wise sa pag I invest dahil Hindi parati puro gain lang, pwede ding ma ubos lahat ng I invest mong pera. Ang stock market ay isang sugal pwedeng panalo at pwedeng talo. Kaya be wise lang po.

  66. Erwin M.

    Hi sir Omeng, kailan po ba magbibigay ng dividents ang isang companya? depende lang ba sa kanila? Tsaka kung ka bibili ko lang ng shares nila tapos schedule for dividends on the next day, entitled na po ba ako sa dividends or may certain maturity time?

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  69. Jeff

    Hi Sir Omeng!. Kapag po ba eip for example one year matapos doon ko pa lang ba siya pwede ibenta?. At kung mabenta siya ilan araw bago ko naman siya pwedi iwithdraw?.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Jeff, even if you’re doing EIP (or any strategy), you can still sell anytime..After selling, withdrawal will take at three days of processing before it gets to your bank account.

  70. okil

    hi sir, tanong ko lang yung 5k ba na starting para sa beginner pweding gamitin sa trade? or kelangan mo ng 25k para makasali ka sa trade araw2x? salamat po

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Okil, technically yes, you can start trading (buying & selling) stocks with just 5k, but sa totoo lang maliit yun for trading baka malugi ka pa sa fees & commissions, so if you really wanna taste a more real trading experience, 25k capital is a better start..

  71. Ryan :)

    Hi sir ? 🙂 Im only 19 years old and i am a student. And willing to learn about this article and also how to invest! And i want to ask how much do you need money to invest?

  72. Victoria

    I was browsing through the net as i wanted to start investing… and behold, saw this website.

    Thanks for paying it forward. I will invest this month (small investment lng muna) and try to learn the trade first. I hope I can get more tips…

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  74. Jess Thony J. Labadan

    Hi sir Omeng, I’m Jess from CdeO.. Itatanong ko lng po sana and to clarify also.. once pag nag fund na ako sa broker with initial deposit as starter of 5,000k at bumili na ako ng stock.,example ALI (Ayala land Inc.) them bumili ako for 300shares volume with price of 5.50., The method or strategy i will use is EIP for Long term investment..What if, I monitor my stocks 2 weekly pa lng sa pag bili ku nito nakita ko na it gains around 45%, ang tanung ko lng po pwed ko na ba to ibinta at kung naibinta ko na po sir, bibili ako ulit ng shares sa napili kong stocks? Possible po ba to sir omeng.? Thanks po.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Jess, yes possible naman yan.. In direct stock market investing, you can do anything (buy/sell) you want anytime (as long as the market is open which is currently from 930am-330 pm).

  75. Pingback: How To Invest In Stock Market In Hindi | Stock Market Futures

  76. Melvin Martin

    Q: Let just say you place a new order to sell your existing stocks, when it matched meaning to say someone buy your stocks?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hello Melvin, yes of course.. any matched transaction means someone has agreed in price to buy/sell stocks.

        1. Joey

          Philippine stock market is nag start ito panahon pa ng lolo mo until now dyan pa din.ang scam yung mga MLM or need invites to get paid.kapag wala kana ma invite dika kikita..dito kana mag invest sa STOCK MARKET at kasosyo mo pa sa negosyo mga bigtime company dito sa pinas.

  77. nube

    i already registered myself sa COL… i want to buy my first stocks… long term po.. any 5 stocks po na pwede nyo recommend to buy consistently every month?

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  79. liway

    Sir example, if nag increase or nag gain ang share ko ng 10 percent..1. i hold na ba ito or hayaan lang until to continued increasing. 2. If kung di mo nakuha at nag sown kasama ba itong na gain monang ilang percent na mawala.thanks

    1. Jennifer

      The price per share is very unpredictable because it changes every second or minute. Knowledge is power so I suggest that you do some research about the shares that are good to buy.

  80. florentino centeno

    Sir ask ko lang. Meron akong account dito sa hongkong HSBC. Pwede ko bang gamitin na sa COL financial bastat iregistered ko lang sa kanila.thanks.

  81. Been-sent

    Sir pag buy ko ng stock pinili ko ang DAY does it mean valid lng ito sa day na yun? If hindi ko maibenta on that day meaning po ba ma forfeit? Or pwd oaring ibenta the next day?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Been-sent, yes DAY type of order means yout buy/sell order is valid only for that specific trading day. If this is not matched, you can post a new order the next trading day. Some use GTC(good-till-cancelled) orders which will make your order valid for several days until it is matched. This way, if an order is not matched in a trading day, you need not put a new order for the next trading day.

  82. marz3l

    sample may pondo ako na 5,000
    then bumili ako ng stock(AYALA COPR) this month(December 2015) for about 4,000 for example.

    then next nag decide ako na bumili next month(January 2016) at nag pondo ule ako ng 5,000
    samlple bumili ako sa BPI for about 4,000

    #1 – yung balance ko na 1,000 from december is magagamit ko pa ba for the next month at ma-accumulate sa next na magppondo ako?
    #2 – kelangan bang buwan2 ako mag ppondo or depende lang kung may excess pa ako para makabili ng stocks?
    #3 – minimum na pedeng i-pondo
    #4 – sample for 2015(Jan – Jun) monthly aq nagppondo at monthly rin ako bumibili ng stock.
    ano ang pros and cons kapag itinigil ko muna ang pag pondo at pag bili ng stock for (Jul – Oct) at
    nag pondo ule at bumili ng stocks for (Nov – Dec)

  83. Mister

    Hello sir, ask ko lang po (at sana po magreply kayo).

    1. Diba po 5k minimum ang kailangan to start an account sa COL Financials? what will happen po if we withdraw amount of money resulting a below 5k to our investment sa COL Financials? ano po mangyayare? o ano po mangyari kpag naging below 5k ung investment namin sa COL Financials?

    2. Do we have to invest more money other than having 5k as starting? i have read na it depends with us kung mag iinvest kami kasi hindi necessary, ibig po bang sabihin pwede kaming mag assume na pwede na kami hindi mag invest ng additional money for a lifetime?

    Please po pansinin nyo po tong tanong ko 🙁

    1. Mister

      Follow up question po sir:

      3. Is there a chance sir na yung 5k namin na investment as starting sir ay aabot ng 25k? at kapag nangyare po yun makukuha ba namin yung benefits ng ‘COL Plus’? O dapat po talaga kaming mag dagdag pa ng additional 20k investment (or fresh 25k po talaga?) to reach the ‘COL Plus’ level?

      (Sana mapansin nyo po ‘to)

      1. Omeng Tawid Post author

        If yung value ng acccount mo will reach 25k, it will be automatically become COL PLus from COL starter.. Your 5k initial investment in COL Started can reach 25k in theory but that will surely take sooooo many years considering the growth of our stock I suggest dagdag ka nlang if you wanna upgrade to COL Plus as soon as possible. 🙂

    2. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi @Mister,
      1. If bumaba ang pera mo belok 5k sa account mo, okay lang yun, Wala namang mangyayari. Pwede mo actually iwithdraw lahat ng pera mo na meron ka pa sa account, walang problema yun.

      2. After your initial 5k, nasa sayo na yun if dadagdagan mo or hindi. Hini required na magdagdag ka after your initial 5k. 🙂

      1. ann

        ask ko lng what if nag start ako 5k tapos every month naghulog ako and lets say umabot na ng 100k yng deposit ko, tapos d na ako nag dagdag uli as hanggang dun lang na amount na deposit, ok lang yng kahit lumipas na ng ilang taon? and one more thing every kelan makukuha ang dividend?ok lang din ba d ko yn kunin para dagdag sa deposit?pwede ba magkarun ng dalawa or more na account sa stock market? hanggang kela po ang maturity ng pera mo sa stocks yng pwede mo na kunin ang lahat ganun……….kc interested tlga ako gusto ko sana one account na gud as 10yrs and yng isa kng pwede yearly…….may ganun ba?long term ang short term ba…….tnx sana masagot nyo po para mawala na mga fears ang questions ko….and pahabol pwede ba mawala lahat pera ko sa stocks? i mean ano mga possible causes nun?

  84. vin

    Omeng, im just new here, and interested in investing, let just say I funded my account 5k and and buy stocks worth 5k from JFC 2.5 per share, what will going to happen if share of stocks went down, let just say it went down from 2.5 to 1.5, do I loose in this case what will happen with the 5k that I invested?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Vin, if you bought stocks and after buying it the price of the stock went down, that will also decrease the value of your stocks.. pag binenta nyo po yung shares nyo, you will get an amount lower than when you bought it.. So lugi na po iyon. If you hold on to your shares without selling, that is called “paper loss”. So you actually have two options:
      (1) Sell your losing stocks and your paper loss becomes an “actual” or “realized loss”
      (2) Hold your shares and wait until its price goes up again.. In this case, your paper loss can be bigger if price dives down deeper, or you can recover your loss or even gain if price goes up again 🙂

      1. ViN

        Thanks for your reply bro, this really help me a lot, actually i already attended your webinar last Saturday and i will continue to do that.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Krizza, yes you can use your payroll bank account. but just make sure that it remains active because that is where your broker will deposit your money in case you decide to cash out/take your money our of your account.

  85. alejandro saludo laygo

    sir gusto ko po mag start to invest as long term…paano po mag start i have no knowledge how to start it please help me how to start it

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Aljandro, the steps have just been outlined above.Basically you just need to open an account in one broker, fund it, buy your first stock online just like browsing in facebook, and sell when you start gaining. 🙂

  86. Haydee De Leon

    Hello po. I am Haydee, just a newbie in investing in stock market and i planned to invest for a long term. Me ginawa n po akong Sched for my EIP under COL Financial and i set my sched for 3 years. In case po na gusto ko p i-continue ung investment ko after 3 years for an specific stock, ano pong gagawin ko? Thank you?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Haydee, as a direct investor, you have full control of your investments, You can actually stop your EIP program or extend it anytime you want.. Kahit ano okay lang pwede mo gawin yun. But then depende nlang sa decision mo and sa performance ng stock market if your strategy will do you good. 🙂

  87. ging

    pwede mo ba akong tulungan sa stocks na apply ko thru price securities na hanggang ngaun di ko na nakukuja dahil bankcrupt na daw office nila give me some information how to claim it! and move to your trading website. thank you.

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  89. Reylen Catungal

    Hi Sir Omeng, I’m newbie sa stock market at medyo nalilito pa ako…kapag nagpupulahan (red market) loss ang mga stocks mo, paano po nalulugi ang investment doon? kukunin ba ng company ang ininvest mong money sa mga stocks? paano nasabing nalulugi? Thanks in advance.

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  92. abby

    Hi sir,, napaka interesting po nito,, gusto ko pa sana magtry noon pa, kaso hndi ko alam ung step by step.. Sana po matulungan nyo,. Thanks

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  95. carlo angelo

    Hello, dun sa Customer Account Information Form (CAIF) ano ung ilalagay dun sa accoun number sa pinaka taas at dun sa CUSTOMER’S PHILIPPINE BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS ng form

  96. Jaycob Mendres

    Hi po sir, sana po magkaroon ng free seminar about this kind of investment dito sa pasig or kahit saan na malapit lang dito. Since im already 25y/o at ngttrbaho n ng 4years sa mga restaurant bilang kusinero, may 2 anak at may asawa ay wala pa ding nangyayari sa aking pagttrabaho, walang ipon, wala pang naipupundar ay naging interesado ako sa ganitong investment. Salamat sa ganitong mga blogsite at sana eh one of this days ay mameet ko kau.. Maraming salamat at GOD Bless us all.

  97. Janice

    Hi,sir.3rd na po ako and I would like to try it simula ng mapagaralan namin ang stocks sa finance. Pero natatakot ako na baka mascam ako pag online ako nagtry. And kung pwede ba talaga ang estudyante na magganito kasi yung mga requirements na need ay wala pa ako. Salamat po sa reply.

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  101. dave_rico

    Hi Sir Omeng, thank you for the very informative and encouraging blog. Anyway, i just want to ask, since you invested already through selling and buying stocks, would there be a chance that you will get broke or naubos yung ininvest mo?

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  105. Mark

    sa stock market lets say sa peso cost averaging strategy… once 5k na ba ang nastart mo sa first month mo eh 5k na for the whole investment process? pwede din ba na just for example, 5k initially, then nxt month is 10k, then nxt month is 15k then nxt month is back to short paiba iba ang amount ng money na iniinvest per that possible?. thanks.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Mark, yes that’s possible.. there’s no requirement how much to add every month. In fact, you can choose not to add at anytime.. It’s all your money so it’s all your decision how much to add or not.

      1. Danny

        pd dn po magtanong? san po makikita ung ACCOUNT NUMBER na kelangan sa dalawang form? saka pano po pag gusto i-with-draw ung “kinita” sa stocks?

  106. Bea Kim

    Good evening po! I’m using this po for my Math project! I’d like to ask po when this video was published po? Thank you po! 🙂

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  110. Maggy

    Sir omen.
    Good day po.

    Ask ko po when to buy the stocks and when to sell the stock..and how? Pwede po ba kau maglagay d2 ng format?

      1. Loise Ozoa

        sir omeng, I’m really interested on investing sa stock market before pa but I really don’t know how to start. Can you help me like some guidelines? pls. really need your smart views on this. Looking forward to your reply. thanks…

  111. Jhonz

    Good Morning Mr. Omeng, is it okay to use PCA strategy if the company im investing has a downward trend?Thank you,

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @jhonz, PCA is not doing marketing tming so it just follows its schedule no matter what the market trend

      1. Jhonz

        @ Engr. Omeng right? it means i will continue buying stocks until the next hit of the company?so i will just monitor when will be that time?what if it takes 10 years? hehe just exaggerating and can you provide us the list of company that you invested for our reference?Thank you.

  112. marissa

    Hi Sir. good evening! Sir ask sana ako nang advice mo. Gusto ko sana mag Invest sa Market pero hindi ko alam kong papa’no.? Please. Thanks and GOD bless!

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  115. andy

    This is a very nice read! I’m thankful that I was able to start early. However, I sometimes do have second thoughts on whether I should have built a business instead of just investing in established ones? What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Andy, depends on a lot of factors. They’re both considered high-risks types of investments. Stock on the other hand is easy to begin, so you can check it this option first and see.

  116. Analyn

    I joined a seminar last year with first metro securities but I was’nt able to invest yet until now. After I read your I blog I was convinced to invest even just 5k starting. My question is that, First Metro online broker is okay sir? which is better BPI trade or First Metro? I already have savings account in BPI and payroll account in metrobank. Which is better? Also, do you conduct seminars on weekends? Because I’m really interested to invest but I have lots of questions and want to listen with you personally.

  117. arra mae

    hi po…good afternoon! gusting-gusto ko po magtry and maginvest sa ganito kaso po napakalimited po ng nalalaman ko po sa ganito..gusto ko po sana na may tumulong sakin kung ano ung mga tamang diskarte paano magsimula..ipaliwanag lahat ng pwedeng maging scenario lahat lahat…sana po matulungan nyo po ako.salamat

  118. arra mae

    hello po..gustong-gusto ko po maging investor or magtry sa ganito..kaso napakalimited lang po ng idea na nalalaman ko…sir…gusto ko po sana makaatend ng seminar…yung tipong face to face…sana po matulungan nyo po ako..and sana din po may magturo ng kung paano ang tamang diskarte lahat lahat po…

    salamat po

  119. Edielyn Caringas

    hello sir, id like to start PCA of COL, is there any blog here regarding placing order or on how start with PCA of COL? thank you for all your infos. More power

  120. Pingback: Investing in Philippine Stock Market for Filipino Freelancers - Arteta OnlineArteta Online

  121. mariscalcarla

    Hi Sir Omeng, first of all I want to thank you for this very informative blog. Matagal na akong interested on buying stocks kaya lang hindi ko alam kung pano (zero knowledge when it comes to this area). Ang tanong ko po ay eto, ung BPI po kasi may BPI Trade po, eto po sana ang gagamitin ko. Am I on the right path?

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  123. Theo

    Hi, i want to invest a small amount of 5000php because i just want to give a try. and im scared to invest a lot and losing it especially my savings. geesh it a lot for me…

    my questions are:
    how the chosen company flows about the dividend? is it annual or every quarter of the year or depends.?

    on my 5000php can i go for long term? I think its too little for long term?

    if it is long term how long? 3 years 2years or retirements?

    on my 5000php it shows i have a limited access to the COL financial. that exclude online broker for my money ? or maybe i should go for 25,000k because of the site reviews/benefits.

    can i still buy stocks to the same company i used to buy on the first? or adding up my shares to the same company? or not?

    the risk is if i bought a lot from one company and the market value goes down well of course my stocks would eat them because i have the lease stocks to invest. if ever,. i don’t want it to happened.

    please i need help. i was just starting to earn money , and i don’t want to lose or earn less of what im expecting for.
    i am included to the minimum wage salary here in the Philippines.

    1. Jef. J

      Risk assessment is one important thing to learn if you’re going to enter this market.

      To answer your question, I would prefer doing a timely investing. if you have 25k total of money to invest. I would go to start with 5k, to keep you rolling. Now, if you see that the market go down (and for sure it will go up after a couple months) buy more shares during the fall. The number of shares that you can buy during the fall will be more than the number of shares that you will have during your initial purchase. By the time the market get back on track. The number of your profit you will have will be counted on your number of shares multiplied to the value of the shares.

      The number of loss that you will have during the fall will be overcome with the number of gains during the rise of the market if you purchase more shares during the fall of the market.

      “Please be mindful that every investments has their own risks, it will only depend on you on how will you overcome that risks and convert it to your favor.”

      Happy investing,

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Teodoro, that will largely depend if yung pag-iinvestan mo will have a good performance within that 3 years time frame. You need to come up with your own investing plan. Pls check the lessons above.

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  125. Joshua Adam Dalagan

    SIr, what happens next after I hit the sell button? shall I wait for someone to buy it before I can consider it an actual profit and withdraw it from my bank?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Joshua, your sell order should be macthed with a buy order. Once magmatched, then you can request for withdrawal of your funds. It will go directly to your registered bank account with your broker.

  126. jep

    sir gud day what if i want to with draw may money from col can i do that? including naba dun ung mga kinita ko sa selling or the principal amount only?

    sorry po, im just being confused noob po e but thanks to this, i got tons of idea:)

  127. Mori

    Hello Sir,

    I read your blog and interesado po akong mag-open ng account sa COL.
    Kaso lang po sa abroad po ako ngayon at wala po akong TIN #, SSS, even voters I.D. Ano po kaya ang gagamitin ko para sa Valid I.D for COL.

  128. Susan

    Hi Boss Omeng. Newbie rin po me sa stock market investment but I do have some UITF po if that counts as some minute experience in investing. Problem ko po, I’m a housewife lang po, even I do get some income from tutoring some gradeschool sometimes, my deepest concern is about the BIR taxing. How can I explain to them if the future if ever na silipin account ko, where I get the funds to invest in stocks in the first place, although my husband works and I can use that excuse that the funds I use is from the excess of our monthly budget, Being a newbie that I am, I don’t know the complications, even it doesn’t seem there’s nothing for now, maybe in the future or so, of investing directly in the stock market with nothing to actually to show where those funds come from? I think I could manage po the start up 5k then I could add 1-3 a month depending on our excess budget considering I’m only planning to invest on stock with good fundamentals and divs and use that like a saving account perse and just add on it from time to time without selling it, just mostly accumulations po. Thanks for the time and helping Pinoys learn and get courage to invest because you generously freely share your experience and know-how on the subject. May God bless you even more.

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  130. Michelle Estopito

    Sir I am planning to open an account at COL financial for a starter minimum fund deposit of P5,000 for the EIP. Pwede po ba n 1k lng ang hulog per month…malaki po sa akin and 5k per month..

    Many thanks po.

  131. jen

    Hi sir, ano po maisu2gest niyo na gawin ko? Student pa po ako at wala pa po akong SSS, TIN and pending pa po ang voter’s ID ko. Ano po kaya ang gagamtn ko para sa valid ID FOR APPLICATION IN COL?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Jen, need mo lang ng TIN. Go to your BIR RDO and apply for a can say to the BIR officer that you’ll be using it for your driver’s license.

  132. metzi bianca cadena

    Do you conduct seminars? I would love to personally come and sit with u guys. I want to broaden my knowledge when in comes to long term investments in stock market, by the way I am an OFW in Dubai. Thanks.

  133. girly

    matagal na akong gustong mg invest nung citiseconline pa kaso kulang ako ng isang requirement, ung BILLING STATEMENT..

  134. Jaylyn A. Palmiano

    Matagal ko ng gustong mag-invest..kso zero knowledge po ako…Teach and help me po how to start..thanks..

  135. miguel lito

    Sir…. if I’ve funded 5k sir,.. okay lng po ba na d na aq maglalalgay ng 5k for the next month…. kasi gus2 q sana hintayin ang tubo ng unang 5k sir…. and what if 5k lng tlga puhunan mo sir?.. pwd ba yun kahit wala kang pan lagay na 5k for next month?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      pwede ka naman di maglagay, pero mas maganda if gawin mong giant piggy bank ang stock market investments mo.

  136. Mav Sison

    sir can a student enter the stock market. i don’t have the TIN number, SSS, or those stuffs needed or required in the form to be fill out. help bro. by the way, thanks for this.

  137. Jessie

    Sir…. if I’ve funded 5k sir,.. okay lng po ba na d na aq maglalalgay ng 5k for the next month…. kasi gus2 q sana hintayin ang tubo ng unang 5k sir…. and what if 5k lng tlga puhunan mo sir?.. pwd ba yun kahit wala kang pan lagay na 5k for next month?

  138. leo

    Sir paano po ba magbukas ng col accnt ng ofw gusto ko po kc magbukas at gusto magkaroon ng knowledge on how to manage an accnt even we are outside the philippines?

  139. josua curioso

    hi my name is josua, I’m only 20 y/o.. but this stock market really got my attention and it gave me interest.. well i really want to learn, i was planning to attend a seminar/convention about stock marketing here in naga city. but I don’t have any contacts..I hope that joining this blog can help me..

  140. Ann Julez Dizon

    hi sir gud am.. interested po sana kme ng husband ko mag invest.pwede nyo po b kme e guide kung pano mag umpisa…

  141. newbie

    HI po. Few questions lang regarding COL EIP.

    1. Yung transaction charges tama po ba na magaapply lang po if magbbuy me and sell ng stocks ko?

    2. Anytime po ba pwede ko icash out yung lahat ng investments ko or let us say portion of my investments? If yes, paano po computation ng extra charges na need ko bayaran pag ganun?

    3. Kung pinili ko po ba yung COL EIP na program, diba specific/focus lang po siya sa pagbbuy/sell sa iisang stock/company? Pwede pa din po ba ako mag buy/sell ng shares sa ibang companies, yung kung kailan ko lang gusto?

    Hoping for your enlightenment po! thanks in advance!

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Marianne, yes you can do that. but it’s only substantial if your dividends is big (which means large capital). i suggest you keep it invested to leverage on compounding power

  142. Jhon Earvin

    Good day, registering with COL but we do not have a home Telephone..and it is a requirement how would i deal with this? Thank you.

  143. TITO

    Sir, kapag po nag funding na kami sa mga pinili naming broker for trading..( buying & selling ) … ung pera na na collect sa amin lahat… ano ba ang ginagawa ng broker doon?

    Example.. Nag purchase kaming lahat ng JFC…accumulated 500,000 shares, ung huge amount of money na iyon.. ginagamit din ba iyon ng broker pra i trade din pra sa kanila?

    Paano nakakatulong sa JFC ung ginagawa naming buying and selling ? Ginagamit ba nilang puhunan ung na collect sa aming lahat?

    Gusto ko lamang pong malaman ng mas malalim na pagka unawa sa stock market


    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Tito, your money is not touched by your brokers. every peso you invest is used by the company where you invested to fuel their business (whether to expand operations, thus making the company bigger, or to pay their debt obligations)..

  144. Pat

    Hi, thanks for this blog for giving me an idea regarding how to invest in stock market. I would like to ask if is it mandatory to attend first a seminar from COL before we can register to their online trading account? I visited their website and the schedules for free seminars are not suitable to my available time. Please advise, thanks.

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  146. reden

    Wow this is great!!!.

    Question lang po. New to everything, excited, curious and confused.

    1. In the Registration Form, it includes TIN # and Annual Income

    a.) how does tax gets associated with the individual’s TIN ?
    b.) Is this the tax that gets deducted when an individual initiate a buy/sell ?
    c.) Does COL associate this with the individual’s TIN who initiated the transaction and gets remitted to BIR under the initiator’s TIN ?

    OR is this a different tax and you have to pay your own ITR with BIR of the Branch where you belong? How does it work. Doesn’t really know anything about this part.

    d.) in consideration for c. above, If ITR is done by the individual, how would you segregate this from anything else, this is in consideration with the info – Annual Income ? ( say for example, an OFW which is tax exempt, how would he proceed with the ITR if this is somewhat separate from COL?

    2. Once an account has been approved with the primary holder only. Can secondary account holder be added at a later date ? (say for example, a month after).

    I appreciate your advise.

    1. reden

      Hi Everyone,

      Hope someone can reply to this. Have the same question to COL helpdesk but didn’t receive any response till today.

  147. Bonita

    hi po!
    ask ko lang kung paano ako mg in invest PSE? im still working abroad? can i process it even thought i am here? tnxs

  148. edison m

    sir omeng…pag na e sell mo na yung stock mo automatic bang mag aadd yung kinita mo doon sa account mo?tnx po..advance merry xmas..

  149. claire camanay

    Good Day.
    Sir, I’m interested in investing in stock market. I have no idea about stock market except for this blog. pls help.

  150. JB

    I have just started Col financial as my broker in investing stocks. As of now i have 5k in my funds and planning to buy my first stock however there is no trading today so i decided to buy through their off-hours order but everytime i preview my order it says Account not yet enrolled. Anyone here encountered this problem??? Anyone help me please!!!!

  151. arnel pinlac

    sir yung po bang pag iinvest ng hindi regularly okay lang ba? like nag buy ako ng 2000 shares ngayun then hahayaan ko muna siya, then wait for a higher selling, dun ko pa lang bebenta, and after ko mabenta eh dun pa lang po ult ako bibili ng shares, is that ok lang po ba?

  152. Omeng Tawid

    Hi @wilmer,, you can just follow the steps mentioned above for your application for a trading account you can use to invest in Philippine stock market

  153. Wilmer Ganob

    Hi Sir Omeng- i have no idea how to invest in stock market, until i read your blog. I am so excited to get an account asap since time is important. Though i do not have enough knowledge on this, i would actually risk myself in investing right away than risking myself of nothing. Suggest me how to have an online trading account please. Also refer me a promising broker that you actually experinced. Thanks and God bless

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Wilmer, you can just follow the steps mentioned above for your application for a trading account you can use to invest in Philippine stock market

  154. Mark

    I’m an OFW and checked the COL financial website because I’m planning to open an account kaso they are asking for a TIN number eh meron ako yung luma kong TIN number nung nasa pinas pa ko is that possible?

  155. Cris

    Hi Sir Omeng,I want to start but how i will sell my stocks kung gusto ko na po xa ibenta? May expiration po ba? Kelangan po rin ba imonitor every time ang aking account or ang online trading? or pede kahit after 3 days or a week bago mo po mamonitor? which is the best? Sana po matulungan nyo akong makapagsimula
    Thank you!!

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Cris, if you are long-term in investing, no need to monitor it frequently. I can check mine at most twice a month because i have long-term horizon. but you can sell anytime. the decisions are all up to you. 🙂

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  157. Jem Mendoza

    Any changes about FATCA? I tried to open an account but I was told that US is preventing off shore tax abuse by tax payer even if youre just green card holder. Thanks.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      nasa sa inyo po iyon, wala pong guaranteed income sa stock market, but you can withdraw as cash whatever investment you haveanytime.

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  159. maj

    Curious lang po, anong board exam subject po tinuturo nung prof? Chinese po ba ung surname? Hehe.. 🙂 thanks for this btw.

  160. fred

    good day po, I am 18 years old and I am planning to start investment on my 19th, pwede na po ba ang age na 19? totally empty pa po talaga ako about investment pero marami na nga po akong nabasang mga article about investment, wala po ba yung age limit?

  161. fred

    Hi, I am just 18 years old, pwede na po ba akong mgsimula as early as 19 years old? pero totally empty pa po talaga ako about stock market, marami na po akong nabasang mga article, wala po bang age limit ?

  162. peps

    Sir, I like the convenience Philstock’s EASY account promises. However, they use the PCA strategy which requires regular investment.

    1. Is the amount of the regular investment something that I can set unilaterally or do they set a minimum amount for this? Or is this subject to the stock’s board lot?
    2. If I do not feel that I can not fund it regularly, would you rather suggest I try a different account type or look for another broker? Which one?

    Thank you.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      you can try COL Financial EIP Program, good for beginner investors in Philippine stock exchange. ideally this should be regularly funded, but no penalty whatever in case you miss a month’s of funding. it’s all up to you.

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  164. sheryl

    Hi po, gusto ko na mag open account sa COL. haha. Ask ko lang po kung nakabili na ko ng stocks sa JFC na 100 shares, the next month pwede ba ako ulit bumili sa JFC na another 100 shares? madadagdag ba yun sa first 100 shares na nabili ko para maging 200 shares na? Salamat po 🙂

  165. norie

    Do I still need to have a personal account, considering that I am not from manila, and I think I will have a hard time withdrawing from my stock trading account.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      It’s OPTIONAL needed during account opening but they will need it for your future withdrawal. if you won’t withdraw, then no problem for you.

  166. norie-gv

    do i still need to have a separate bank account aside from the col account in order to withdraw from my account at col. i’m not from manila by the way 🙂

  167. norie

    hello! if ever mag invest ako how can i buy stocks? may list ba ng stocks na pwedeng maacquire or i have to search for an available stock for sale? and how can i sell them? once ba na nakapag open na ng account, automatic na ang lahat and it will be just 1 click away?

  168. jody

    Hi po, ask ko lang po sana,
    1.pwede po bang mag invest quarterly sa COL, like P5000.00 quarterly to buy a stock?
    2. what if yung investment mo sa isang company,hindi nag gain at nag loss pa, what should i do po?
    3.nagiging mababa po ba ang value kapag nag sell ka na?
    thank you po sa reply…

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      1. Yes pwedeng-pwede
      2. desisyon nyo po iyon if magbenta kayo ng palugi or mag antay sya umakyat ulit.
      3. not necessarily, pwede tumaas or bumaba antime.

  169. Bhucs Burawis

    Good afternoon sir, itatanong ko lang po sana kung is it possible na makapaginvest kami as an OFW, sana po maiguide nyo kami sa first step, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

  170. Honeylette Medina

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!111 I am so happy to read your post. It inspired me more to save and in the future invest. However, I have problem. I am not in the Philippines. For me to register, I need billing statement if I can’t do personal visit. I don’t have billing statement. I forgot my username and password for my online bpi, too. 🙁

  171. Andrea Barbacena

    Hello thanks for the tutorial. Is there any case that you will lose all your money after investing? Or only certain percentage in case you sell your stocks below purchase price?

  172. Athan Advincula


    Thank you for this wonderful blog. I had a few understanding with buying stocks but now, it’s clearer but not that 100%. There are still few things I would like to ask.

    I’m just starting to be interested with this and planning to open in same brokerage soon. I’m just 21 years old with stable funding source. I’m planning to open an account for long term investment. Do I really need to open a bank account for this? or is it just optional? Thank you.

  173. Mary Grace

    Thank you po Kuya Omer for the knowledge, keep on sharing your useful tips para po maraming mga Filipino ang matuto sa paginvest ng pera lalo na po sa stock market. Two thumbs up for this blog. One of the best and most useful finance blog.

  174. Darios Calatrava

    Sir omeng can i go directly to the main offices of bpi trade and metro bank to file and submit forms and also fund my investment immediately? thanks!

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @darwin, yes you can open with COL Financial even if you’re still a student. just follow steps above.

  175. Rudolf Andrew

    Question po. if i want to withdraw funds after selling stocks. will it be sent to my bank account of will it be in cold cash. another question po about dividends. do companies have minimum required stocks before it can earn dividend?

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Rudolf, any withdrawal from your investment will be directed to your nominated local bank account you registered when you opened an account with your broker.

  176. carolyn baricaua

    Magandang gabi po. Isa po along OFW paano po ako mkakapag open ng trading online account?? I want to invest din po sa stock market. Thank you.

  177. Stan Dee

    Im a seafarer who became interested in stock market. I am now planning to start to join investing by nextweek as i still undergo research and reading online. I have 2 queries before i finally enter investing in stocks. 1st- is it necessary to attend seminars offered by PSE before opening an account. 2nd- since i am a seafarer and always out of touch from time to time, what broker will u recommend best ? Thabk u and mote power

  178. Omeng Tawid

    @Rosa Rose, as long as there's an agreement in price and enough volume(number of shares) in buyers and sellers queue, YES, your order can be done seconds after posting online. you can check this tutorial –

    To request for withdrawal (or upliftment) of your stock certificates, you'd need to complete a Form Needed for Upliftment of Stock Certificate and submit other requirements. You can just check the actual procedures of your online broker.

  179. Rosa Rose

    You have a nice tutorial I've ever read. ask ko lang sir, pag online at seconds may bibili agad sa stocks na ibinibinta pag iclik ang sale? paano mo nakukuha yong stock certificate mo, print out na lang ba ipapadala sa email?

  180. Brix

    Hello! I just opend an account with COL Financial and have already deposited funds. Now, I’m quite lost which stocks to buy. I’m also a new member of the Truly rich Club but it haven’t seen an example for beginner investor. My question now is with the 5k initial deposit, what is the advisable number of stocks (companies) you need to buy? Divide the 5k in the continue to buy in the stock update? Next question is, with SAM, can I only fund monthly with 5k? Response is highly appreciated.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Brix, yes you can fund monthly 5k, up to you. i suggest you buy one stock with 5k, then buy a different stock on second month, then on third month, buy your 1st stock again. you can also choose three stocks and buy each one every three months.

  181. Randy Glinda Maquiling

    sir, I am planning to open an account at COL financial for a starter minimum fund deposit of P5,000 for the EIP. But I have the following concerns po : 1. For my first monthly fund i will use it to buy a share for investment (hold my share for a long period of time before selling it to make sure to get enough gain). 2. On the following month I will only deposit around 4k to buy shares for trading purposes (as long as makakagain kahit papaano). 3.Okay lang po ba na in one account I will divide my funds to 40% for trading and 60% for investment? 4. During low month/s would it be okay not to fund the account? Waiting for your advice po. Thank you very much and more power.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Randy Glinda, 1. Yes you can certainly do that if you plan to have a HOLD strategy
      2. You can also do that if you like to test trading
      3. You can do that mix of short-and long-term if you can make it work for you
      4. It’s all your decision whether to fund or not anytime. However, if you go for EIP, you have to invest regularly. That’s the design of the strategy. Otherwise, then you’re actually not doing EIP. 🙂

  182. Glinda Maquiling

    Hi Sir ! May I ask your assistance po to help me clarify the questions i have in mind? 1. If i choose to invest the minimum starter of P5k does it mean i have to put in P5k monthly if I select the monthly period for the EIP schedule? What happen if there are months that i cannot put in additional fund/s? If in case naman po i can afford to invest a little higher than the minimum starter investment and would want to withdraw the monthly gain, is there a way po to have my monthly gain be deposited to my personal bank account? If i select the monthly period for the EIP scheduler po does it mean i can only buy and sell shares monthly? Thank you very much po.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      @Glinda 1. If you have EIP schedule that is set to buy monthly, you’d definitely need to put in money to fund your monthly transaction.
      That money should be enough for your EIP order so that it will be valid.
      In case you have a scheduled EIP order but don’t have sufficient fund, then the system won’t be able to make an order for you. It’s as though nothing has happened.

      If you want to withdraw, yes it’s possible that your money will be deposited directly to your personal bank account (which is the one you registered during your account opening). You can check this tutorial –

      If you choose monthly period for EIP scheduler, then this EIP will follow a monthly schedule of buying, BUT you can still make other orders anytime on top of this EIP. You can also choose to hold a scheduled EIP order if you want to delay it. It’s all your call. 🙂

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    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Gemma, if you’re abroad and will do investing in Philippine stock market directly, you can do your own monitoring online with just computer/smartphone connected to the internet. This is after you have opened an online trading account with an online broker, like COL Financial.

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