FINALLY, a series of practical lessons, tips and tricks for NEWBIE investors designed to make investing in Philippine stock market stress-free for you!

Totally new to Philippine stock market and has ZERO idea how and where to start?
Decided to finally make more out of your money but confused how to finally start it?
Well, You’re not alone!
I was like like you in many ways many years ago.
I had to find all the info I could get, attended live (and expensive!) seminars, talked to experts & read a lot to make sure I’m making right thing.
But nah, it was very overwhelming.
Too technical not fit for a normal day employee like me.
I wanted my money to work for me but it seemed the opposite is happening!
I was spending so much time yet seeing little improvement!
So through the years, I have learned key investing lessons (before, during & after!) and later on witnessed the common blunders many newbies usually do which made them lose so
much money!
What have they done wrong?
Why are these people so stressed-out seeing their portfolio losing while others seem so confident with their strategies?
What should be the controls that need to be used by any wise investor?
It was a long, long learning curve.
And quite expensive too!
And now, I’d like to share it with you.
Find out how you can actually BEGIN RIGHT, avoid the costly mistakes newbies often commit out of their ignorance and make your investing easy, practical, and more manageable for you to do!

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