How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan Online (and get it in two weeks)

Good news!
SSS Online website now allows any valid SSS member to apply for an SSS Salary Loan online!
This is an alternative to in-branch application if you already have an active MySSS Account.

Just for the sake of trying, I tried applying for this benefit online in their website and was surprise to receive the check in two-weeks’ time. It was a Php 32000 Salary loan upon my first application less 1% processing fee giving me a net of 31, 680.

The following table shows the payment schedule spread within two years in 24 equal monthly installments. The loan is charged a nominal interest of 10% per annum. For employed member-borrower, the first salary deduction shall start on the second month following the date of loan.

Just to reiterate, I did this SSS salary loan application for trying’s sake and don’t really recommend incurring a loan especially if you have poor discipline in payment and money handling. I presently don’t see a need in my life for any loan (praise God!), but this info may be helpful for others who could have valid short-term credit needs.

Another thing to note should you decide to take out a loan: the processing time may vary in your case depending on the type of support that your employer will give in your application. Specifically, your employer need to certify your application before SSS can proceed with the next steps. Make sure you follow-up your employer (or HR department) for that needed action from their end right after submitting your application just to make sure they are informed.

Your eligibility and applicable loanable amount will also depend on the number of contributions you have made and other past transactions or obligations you may have had with SSS.

How to apply for an SSS Salary Loan

There are only three simple steps I did to apply for the loan:

(1) Create a MySSS account online
Go to and in their homepage, click the button for registration.
This is a one-time registration only and you will need your CRN/SS number and a working email address.


(2) Apply for a Salary Loan Benefit
Once your account is active, and you have a working SSS online account, then you can try to apply online for SSS Salary loan under E-Services.  Here you will get your transaction number.  At this point, inform your employer of your application.





Below is additional info from MySSS website:

A borrower may file the salary loan application at the branch nearest the place of residence or business. A member who is registered at My.SSS can submit the salary loan application online. The salary loan submitted online by an employed member will be directed to the employer’s My.SSS account for certification, hence, the employer should also have an SSS Web account.


OFW members may also file their salary loan application at the SSS Foreign Representative Offices in selected countries. In case there is no SSS office in a particular country they may send their application and supporting documents to their relatives here in the Philippines and authorize them to file at the SSS branch. Documents issued in other country should be duly authenticated or certified by the Philippine Consulate Embassy.


Note: The employer shall submit an updated Specimen Signature Card (SS Form L-501) to be updated annually to avoid delay in the processing of salary loan applications.
Complete details including eligibility and filing procedures are available here.

This is also a good time for you to explore the site and verify the recorded contribution payments your employers, including the previous ones, have made.

(3) Wait for the check
The waiting begins here assuming there’s nothing that could delay or disapprove your application.

In my case, it took less than two weeks before my employer sent me a notice that the check had come from SSS and is available for pick-up.

That’s just it!

Overall, the process is easy and smooth for a first time loan.
If you have more questions, you can write it in the comments below or contact SSS directly via email ( or thru their Facebook page.

– Omeng 😉

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38 thoughts on “How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan Online (and get it in two weeks)

  1. Joanna Marie Mendoza

    I applied a salary loan last 3rd of October with my current employer, but I decided to move to a company near home and hired successfully but obviously I will get change employer effectively October 16, in that case. Do I still need to get my salary loan to my previous employer where this application was being verified to SSS or it will be cancel once I resigned?

  2. mary

    I just want to ask if am I able to file a loan even if I don’t have an employer ..I got an online account in SSS and it shows that I already contributed 36 months?

  3. Rowena Araña

    hello!..7 months after I decided to apply sss loan online,and until now I don’t know what to do after registration….

  4. Dan Musni

    I just would like to ask how long does it usually take to claim the sss loan check from the post office? I filed for my SSS Loan last June 24, 2017 and my employer approved of the request last June 25,2017. Does it guarantee it can be claimed within 2 weeks time? If not what are the cases that may cause the delay? Hoping for your immediate response on this.


    Dan Musni

  5. lex

    hi im lex I just file my loan last june 8 and It was approved June 9 , but there is no update yet, When can I expect the arrival on my cheque , should I ask my employer about it or go directly to sss, and where can I claim it? tnx

  6. Jopen

    I.have an existing sss sAlary loan. Paid it for over a a year now. my question is, will i get approve if i apply for a two month salary loan.even though i.have less than 72 months of sss membership? Thanks

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  8. Vicente

    hi mark same senario I just file my loan last May 30 and It was approved June 1 , but there is no update yet, When can I expect the arrival on my cheque , should I ask my employer about it or go directly to sss, and where can I claim it? tnx

  9. edward

    I also have not received my SSS check for 3 weeks now…where can I claim the check if I already have a registry number…I work in Mandaluyong, should I claim it in Mandaluyong post office?

  10. Jess

    Hi! Im trying to apply sss salary loan online , but it seems the web page for salary loan application seems to be not working is there any update for the error? Thanks

  11. Patty

    I just file a loan tru sss online application on may 16th it was certify and approved by my employer may18,2017…i went out from our HR office they said cheque was yet mailed..i was so confused about it! Its already june 14 but still i dont get any response nor updates about it…

  12. Mark

    I did file the loan on june 1 and it was approved on june 2nd, 2017. When can I expect the arrival of the cheque? Thank you

  13. archie zamora

    Very helpful article, Omeng! Good thing I found this one as I applied for an SSS loan and my employer already certified it today (May 30, 2017). You said that it took less than 2 weeks and you got your cheque. My question are as follows:

    1. Was it sent to your employer or were you just notified by your HR to claim the cheque from an SSS branch?
    2. Did you have to encash the cheque from PNB Diliman or do you have an option to use other banks?

    Hope to get your advise soon.

    Thank you,

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hello Archie,
      1. The cheque was sent to my employer so I just had to get it in our office.
      2. You can deposit this cheque to your account in any bank (I did this with my BPI).
      This will require at least one day to be credited to your account with the new cheque clearing process.

      If you want to encash it right away, you can go to a PNB branch and get the cash equivalent.

      1. Roselle David

        Good day Sir… I just want to ask any advice, since I am a voluntary member now and I applied a salary loan yesterday. The sss aproved it but how can I get or avail my cheque? Do i need to go in the nearest sss branch or they will send it to my mailing address? Hope you will notice me. Thankyou😊

        1. Omeng Tawid Post author

          Hello Roselle, you can visit your branch to verify this.
          There are cases when cheques are mailed but are stuck with mail service provider, so make sure this does not happen to you.

          1. Patrick Resoles

            Hi Omeng! In my case, I am not sure if my cheque is stuck with mail service provider, as I still haven’t received mine. I’ve called SSS and they told me that they already mailed the cheque but HR hasn’t received it yet. I called QC post office to trace the mail, but they need this registry number which I can get from SSS. I called SSS again, and unfortunately, they told me that I have to personally get that registry number from main office. This is very inconvenient to me, as I live far from the metro. Although my question is do I have to set an appointment before I go to main office?

          2. Omeng Tawid Post author

            There’s an appointment facility online, though I believe you can just walk-in.
            The online appointment however can be easier as you’ll be assigned time period for visit, saves you time.

Got questions? Leave your comments below.