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how to save yourself from losing 10k in the stock market..

Are you ready to do investing on your own?

You see, while it’s really SIMPLE to make money by investing in Philippine stock market, it can be NOT EASY for many.

There are several reasons why.

And oftentimes,  the opposite is true – it’s easy to see your hard-earned investment going down in value, with the many possible mistakes you can do.

And that’s the last thing you want to happen to yourself as an investor.

Unfortunately, that is not something unusual.

In fact, one study says 85% of people in a stock market loses money…


This is the one experienced by new investor below, losing almost 10k with wrong decisions made.

Worse is that he seems to have no idea what to do next.

Losing 10k Value

The sad truth is many experience the same  because from the start, they fail to see the bigger picture and not able to draft an investing plan that will suit their needs and goals.

So how do you avoid having that same mistake happening to you?

Simple: Know by numbers and words what kind of company your money is going into.

By knowing the qualitative and quantitative measures, you will be able to create a good target or goal on

(1) how to pick winning stocks, and

(2) when to get in and out of the market

Those two basic questions give rise to the two types of market analysis- Fundamental & Technical Analysis.

The problem is these two approaches can appear so intimidating at first, you’ll never know where to start.. and whether what you’re doing is correct!

But as you’ll soon realize, there are only few basic principles you just need to check in doing this.

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Hope to see you there!

Have fun investing!

– oMeng 🙂

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Author: Omeng Tawid

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