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in case may tanong ka about how to start (and grow your money) sa stock market…

I’ve been receiving so many emails (from all over the world!) with so many questions like how to start, what to do, where to begin, how much to start, what are the requirements at kung anu-ano pa.

Since I realized I don’t have that luxury of time to respond to everyone …i n case you have questions  needing really quick answers, or just want to be updated on the latest hot tips and practical offerings in Philippine financial markets, pls join us instead in our group here. I call it the place for every newbie and to-be investor. yay!

It’s easier to write a comment kasi as an answer than go through my email inbox and hit reply one by one.

That will ensure I get to answer your question. ..PLUS others (who are already investing and bago palang) can add their inputs.

I’m committed that you begin ASAP in this investing with SOUND principles (hindi yung arya lang ng arya) so do yourself a favor and join us here.

Also pls keep a copy of your quick start guide document here. It will give you the basic of the basics.

It will also point you to several online resources that will help you.

Don’t allow the info overload to discourage you to start.. and yes, our group shall also serve as your reminder for you you to be faithful to your dreams.




PS: We now have a venue where you can receive answers to any of your question.
OFWs, newbies, students, single moms, single dad, single lang talaga,

join us here and enjoy the fun of seeing your money growing (long-term).


How to invest in Philippine stock market for beginners

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