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Are You Losing Clean Money? – The Price of Delaying Gratification

Being investors for some time now,  you’re probably already aware of the importance of developing your habit of saving.  (You can read my related post – Your First Step in Investing: Saving).
I would always push for developing that discipline as it paves the way to a better and more secure financial plan.

I’m so happy for myself having that practice now at this point in my life. And I just did again it last Friday (14th is our sweldo day).  I noticed now how it has really become automatic in my system.

Whenever I hear that our salary has been credited to our payroll account, I simply log-in online to BPI ebanking, and TADAAH!
in just matter of clicks, I’m done paying myself. 

I immediately set aside a portion for my investment as my monthly addition to my retirement fund on top of increasing my already enough emergency fund.
Then I adjust myself to what’s left.

The sad thing though is that while we’re clear in our agenda of paying ourselves, we may as well be committing  mistakes on the second part of the equation –  EXPENSES.

Yung maduming pera sa kalsada, pinupulot pa natin, pero ang problema, yung malinis na pera na nasa satin na, parang tinatapon lang din natin.

I hit that realization after reading the very practical books
Kontento ka na ba sa kaPERAhan mo? and Kasu-suweldo pa lang, ubos na written by Vic Garcia  together with his wife Avelynn Garcia.

I suggest you grab your own copy as those two books contain very practical and down to earth tips on how to better manage your finances. I liked very much their style of writing talking to their readers. Lots of humor too. I felt like attending a live seminar with their reality-drawn dialogues. Definitely a must read!

Below is also another sharing from Lyndon that may help you in one big financial decision you’ll ever make – that of buying your house.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Have fun investing!

Let me discuss about the BIG BIG BIG Price of delaying gratification. I know that all young couples dream is to have a house of their dream, its an emotional thing. A house for a Filipino is not just Investment but it is also a symbol of Success and Security even though in reality is not. Your house depreciates in value and only the lot is actually appreciating, in short a house is not an asset but a liability. The bigger the house, the bigger the need for maintenance.

I cannot discuss you things in details and I hope you will still make time to attend my seminars. Here’s the thing; getting a loan for 15 years means that you will be paying more than 4x of the original amount you owe from Pag-ibig or SSS. I have tried it with one of my first real estate venture last 1994 for 15 years to pay. I owe 150T payable in 15 years and my monthly amortization is 4T. This is in addition to what I pay to the original owner of the house & lot which is 150T.
Lets do a simple math; 4T x 12 months/year x 15 years = 720,000.00 means I have paid 4.8 times the original amount.
If I have Invested that amount in an Equity Fund for 15 years I could have an amount close to 5 Million as of today, this means my money could have grown to 32 times vs. my debt have grown to 4.8 times.
Now you decide if it pays to wait and delay gratification. Don’t make the same mistakes as I do, before I learn how money works. Make time to attend my seminars and we can guide you in your Financial Journey with us. WE can also offer you 3 Solutions during your Journey with us, namely
1st. FINANCIAL Solutions means you can Invest in all types of Asset Classes (Paper & Real)
2nd. BUSINESS Solution means if you join our Team, you can also earn commissions from your friends, relatives and even from your own Investments.
3rd. COACHING & MENTORING means you will undergo a lot of Trainings thru our 25 Modules of Wealth Academy, Meetings(3x/week) & Conventions(1 local 3 out of the country/year).
See you very soon and GOD Bless you abundantly.

Lyndon Malanog is one of the mentors of Bo Sanchez and Truly Rich Club,  and a director of IMG – World Financial Group. He is also an Entrepreneur and the Financial Coach of Bo Sanchez, Inc.. He continuously gives “Financial Discipline and Wealth Management” seminars to companies and groups as part of his noble mission and advocacy of educating people.

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