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Are you a fan of Bo Sanchez?

Are you a fan of Bo Sanchez?
I am. In fact I consider him as one of my mentors.

I also attend the weekly gathering of his community Light of Jesus. If you’re single and living near Quezon City, I invite you to our Singles Ministry in Quezon City FeastThe Feast has been my weekly overdose of inspiration and wisdom to go on with my life. Many times I am too inspired by what I witness there that I often consider entering priesthood … but that’s a totally different topic.

I like Bo primarily because of one reason – his sincerity. Reading his stories is like unfolding my life. He always tells that his failures are the reasons why he’s now very successful. Fail forward as he puts it. It’s the same reason and motivation I have why I’m now less fearful with going beyond my comfort zone …slowly I’ll get there, with God’s grace.
That’s why it’s not difficult for me to promote Bo and all his activities. I bring friends to the feast, I share reflection about the talks, I buy his books, listens to his MP3s, reads his soulfood emails, attend his gatherings and join his clubs. Sometimes I earn tiny commissions from it too.
Being a TrulyRichClub member for example, I am automatically given the opportunity to earn tiny commissions for every referral I have. But I won’t like you to focus on the commissions. While it can be a passive income that can grow through time, I more want you to experience the core blessings of being a member of the club.
In my case, with the mountain of lessons I learned, I commit to have my own business and other several income streams. The story of Anthony also inspired me to reach my financial freedom goal so I can be freer to do the things that really matter to me.  And I know that the club which answers all the practical needs in managing one’s finances is a big tool for me at this hard-planting season of my life.
So if you’re a fan too, you can do the same. Promote what you believe and earn a little from it.
Here’s how to do that.
First you would need to join one of his clubs. By joining a club, you’ll get your affiliate link that will be your gateway to an opportunity of passive income. People who’ll click your affiliate link will be directed to the club site. When they join, you’ll be entitled to the tiny commission because of your referral. What’s better, you’ve also just helped a person help himself!
But please don’t promote just for the sake of promoting. Aside from its not sincere, it’s also unhealthy. Promote because you personally believe in the product. So join first the club and experience it yourself. If you like it and want others to have the same satisfaction you would have, that’s when you share the blessings of the club and invite others to join you in your financial goals journey.
Bo has several clubs that address a focus aspect of life. He has Family Reborn Club for having an awesome family life, 52 Healing Habits Club to help you heal yourself naturally, OneTrueLove for those who are searching for their soulmate, God Whispers Club for those who want to experience more of God and Truly Rich Club for those who aim for an abundance of life to love others. And since this is a finance blog, I naturally point to the Truly Rich Club. That’s your ultimate source of practical source of tools and inspiration if you want to increase your psychological wallet and your physical wallet later on.
Btw, here’s my affiliate link. So if you want to bless me because I’m so kind to you , you can click the link and unlock the missing pieces in your financial freedom journey.
Once you have your actual experiences as a member of the club, you can now tell your friends about it. You can also share a blog about what you liked most about it and how it continues to transform your life. You can read my own review of the club here.
But just to give you a preview, here’s what you can get just by signing-up:

  • Day 0 – How to Conquer Your Goliaths  – 7 Keys to Overcome Every Problem That Prevents You From Reaching Your Dreams (E-book)
  • Day 0 – My Maid Invest in the Stock Market (full version E-book)
  • Day 0 – SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) Quick Start
  • Day 0 – Stocks Update – Meet SAM
  • Day 0 – Truly Rich Seminar Disk-1
  • Day 0 – Truly Rich Seminar Disk-2
  • Day 0 – How to Turn Thoughts Into Things – Use the Law of the Harvest to Fulfill the Desires of Your Heart (E-book)
  • Day 0 – You Can Start Buying Slowly – Stocks Investing Guide

Money-back Guarantee

It also has 30-days guarantee. That only means if during the first month of your membership, you didn’t find the material you received a powerfully inspiring Wow experience, then simply tell the club about it and the will return your money.  No questions asked.  And you can keep all the great stuff above you received (worth $251.50 value) as Bo’s FREE gift to you for just trying.
So, are you fan?
Have fun investing (with a mentor)!
 – Omeng
PS: If you’re now investing in the stock market, the club also gives regular stocks update and alert to guide you in every step of the way. You can learn more about these stocks update and alerts and how it can help you simplify investing here.

Author: Omeng Tawid

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