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Hello millionaires!

For two years now, I’ve been open sharing my stories with you! 

How stock market was opened to me through an unsolicited advice, how I started to save, how I opened my account and even showing some of my trades and gains!
This time, let’s be a little different!

I’m going to write an ebook sharing your inspiring stories instead!
If you’d like to be part of it, just fill out this very short survey!

Only few requirements:

1. Must be able to send their story entry before Dec 25. You have two weeks!
2. Must be willing to share their story to the world! :) I’ll include your name and short profile in the ebook!
3.Must be sincere in their sharing! failures, success, reflections, lessons and all! :)

There’s actually no restriction on the content you’d like to put!

Whatever story you’d like to share to inspire others, using your own language, that would be enough!

The survey will close on Tuesday Dec18.
For those who’ll be chosen, you’ll have free invitation to be part of Investing in Philippines Mastery Group (for beginners).

See you there!

Have fun investing (while inspiring others)!

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PS2: For our donors and volunteers to the recently concluded giving back event last Dec 8,
Please wait for your invitation to the group before the year ends!

PS3: Why stories? Because even Jesus shared lots of stories during His stay on earth.:) Would you share one?
Fill out this survey and share it with the world! Click here!

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