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The Best Formula to Nourish Your Life

This will be short.
I continue to be impressed by the generosity and kindness of the members of our facebook group – Investing in the Philippines Stock Market – Tips and Tricks.

I admire their sharing and helping mindset.
Many have shared helpful ebooks that tackle not only investing but practical self-help books as well. If you think of it, it’s still all about investing – in the stock market and in oneself. Below are the recent additions to our nourish-your-mind vault.

I’m a firm believer into having proper mindset first before buying your first stock and this is a good opportunity to feed your mind with all the books they share.

I feel like I no longer need to post a blog here that will help you in your finances when you can simply post your specific questions in the group and get them answered after few minutes by people who are very much willing to help and might have even faced similar dilemma before. It’s actually more effective and efficient than reading an article like this.

Jim Rohn, one of the most influential coaches of our time, once said that you’re exactly the same person five years from now except for two things: The books you read and the people you met.

And I think our facebook group is doing that purpose. It’s an avenue for you to meet other like-minded people that will nourish your experience and at the same time provide ebooks that will nourish your mind. It’s the best formula for you to nourish and bless your life.

That’s it! I told you it’s going to be short. 

Keep nourishing your life!
Have fun investing!

PS: I just had my vacation at Bicol Region this recent long weekend where I landed at Naga airport. Coincidentally, the news that DILG Secretary Robredo was missing came out, the person who served as Naga’s mayor for almost two decades. I am very much humbled by Robredo’s story after having watched about him. And I also realized that Bicolanos are one of the kindest people I’ve met so far.
May we all be inspired by Robredo’s example of service and leadership.

Lastly I urge you to visit Caramoan. It’s a perfect place for vacation, bonding and some life reflection we all need. Indeed a hidden paradise of the Philippines! Believe me, you’ll be proud being a Filipino.
At the mountain top of one island of Caramoan, Philippines

Author: Omeng Tawid

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