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How do you monitor the performance of your Philippine stocks? What tools do you use in your stock tradings? Do you keep a notebook and pen? or do you use Excel files?

Well, let Stocks Assistant assist you wherever you are!
Stocks Assistant is a free Filipino-made mobile application developed by Fina Mesina.It is available free in both iOS and Android devices. This application contains 3 calculators that automate some of the basic computations used in stock market.

First, it has the pivot point calculator. You only need to enter the previous day’s high, low, and closing prices and the pivot point, resistance and support level prices will be computed. These prices help in determining when to enter or exit the market.

The second calculator is for computing the projected gain in a stock based on the number of shares bought/sold. You enter the buy price, sell price, and number of shares and the app will display the profit you will receive. Take note that the broker commission and taxes are already factored in the computations.

The last calculator is also meant to compute the projected gain but is based on the buying power. You enter the buy price, sell price, and available buying power. Including the broker commission and taxes, the app will then diplay the profit.

Thanks to Fina for sharing this tool with us.
Make sure to give your feedback for its continuous improvement!

Have fun investing!

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