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Investing in Philippine Stock Market Iloilo 2

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  1. Ian Bolong Reply

    What will happen if your stock order didn't matched or partially matched? what will be its implications? Thank you.

  2. Omeng Tawid Reply

    If your order didn't match, then it's just like nothing happened.
    you can post new orders on the next trading day.

    if partially matched, then you only have that partial transactions done.
    you can also read this – http://bit.ly/partialordermatching

  3. Ralph Cabiltes Reply

    anong website po ba pwd masimula? credit card po ba ang gamit? pls teach me how..

  4. Che Renegado Roxas Reply

    pag ba unmatched ung order mo mababawas parin sa cash balance mo ung order mo? just starting to learn about investing po, thanks!

  5. Omeng Tawid Reply

    hi Che, any unmatched order won't affect your cash balance.
    Only done orders will have.

  6. Edison Ugale Jr Reply

    ask lng po..i want to make an order when market is close.can u give me some prcedures? and what does ATO and ATC means and its use.. maraming salamat po. Godbless.

  7. leif anthony samonte Reply

    Hi, Im planning to invest in stock market but I have a very little amount of knowledge. can you help me out?

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  11. Omeng Tawid Reply

    Edison Ugale Jr you can use the off-hour (O-H) option available in COL's menu. ATO (at-the-opening) and ATC (at-the-closing) means you'll use the market opening and closing prices respectively in your order.

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