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[Tutorial] How to Withdraw Funds from Your COL Financial Account

[UPDATE  as of June 26 2014]: Download latest withdrawal form here. There’s a slight difference in the appearance of this new form compared to the old form used in below tutorial but the steps apply the same.

To be sure, you can always get the form from COL website using menu path: Home >>Forms and look for the Form Needed for Withdrawal of Funds

Happy Investing  – oMeng Tawid



Author: Omeng Tawid

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68 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How to Withdraw Funds from Your COL Financial Account

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  2. Sherwin

    Hi, how to withdraw the money from COL? Checked ba po sya or pwede online transfer po sa account? Thanks

  3. Ayeh

    HI Omeng, Are there any service fee deducted by the banks on the fund deposit from COL regardless of the amount? Thanks in advance.

    1. Omeng Tawid Post author

      Hi Ayeh, starting January 15, 2016, COL no longer subsidized the fees being charged by the banks for the use of their deposit facilities when transferring funds to COL. As such, the amount that will be credited to your account will be net of the corresponding bank charges. For internet banking, BPI charges 5, BDO 10 and MBT 4 pesos, regardless of amount.

  4. brayan reyes

    sir omeng how can i determine how much ang pwede ko i withraw? should i refer to my equity value?

  5. Roel Bose

    Kailangan bang i fill up ko ung FATCA kung dito rin lng ako sa pilipinaz nag rereside?

    Kung pinili ko ung 5000 COL starter e kailangan bang 5000 din ang babayaran every payment day sa bangko?

  6. Jenifer Lacbayan

    Hi po, planning to invest in stocks, yung COL 5000 one time payment po ba yun? O need pay ng 5000 monthly? Yung profit po ba pwede iwidthdraw montly? Thanks

  7. Shycute

    Hi po omeng ask lng if ever po mg invest aq ng 5k sa isng company need ko po bang mgbyad ng higit pa sa 5k or 5k exactly is ok nah? I mean wla po bng fee akong bbyaran? Soon i’ll be opening acct in col thru eip…


  8. maria maria

    hello po sir omeng… just want to ask regarding po sa pgfill up ng form, ung primary account holder lang po ang ipi.fill up o kelangan din po ung secondary?… tnx po 🙂

  9. Marianne Almendares

    Hi Sir Omeng, Question po, what if bumaba ung value ng money due to loss tapos ang investment ko ay saktong 5k lang, ibig sabihin need ko mag dagdag ng money to compete the 5k investment as the minimum requirement? Appreciate kind advise po thanks

  10. amanda

    Hi, lets say you have available 50,000 ready to widraw, will the whole amount be given to me? or there will be deductions like tax, commissions, etc? thanks!

  11. Miss Heaven

    Hi po! Kc I came from visayas so could I just send my requirements and filled up forms through snail mail? Thanks po

  12. Ako Ikaw

    Hi Sir Omeng,
    Tanong ko lang po paano po mag apply sa COL kung nasa ibang bansa ka po at anong mga requirements ang kailangan?

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  14. Lejani M. Lacson

    Hi Omeng! Just want to ask if sa Joint Account ay puwedeng not blood-related? Friends… Co-employees… puwede po ba yun? thanks

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  17. Omeng Tawid

    Clarissa San Jose it's all your decision if you'll sell MEG. As of now, COL's TP for MEG is set at TP=5.48 as of June 18 2014.

  18. Omeng Tawid

    Hi @keith, there are certain regulations that will alert you once the company you invested in begins to crumble. However I believe this is is improbable if you choose companies that are giants in their industry. Invest in companies which you believe will last after more than 20 years or so and you'll be safe in this aspect.

    Happy invetsing! For more lessons, click here –

  19. Keith Mendoza

    hello po gusto ko magapply sa COL kaso dme nagtatanong saken what if magsara or bumagsak ang company(if ever lng po just want to make sure lalo na at long term investment ang gusto ko sana)how can i get my money?

  20. Clarissa San Jose

    i remember i have a TIN number before but that was longtime ago.How do I know my number if i don't have a record of it?

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  23. Tita Laplana Capilitan

    i have my application form in hand but i am not sure on how to answer some of the questions. I am a Domestic Worker working in the UK right now. Should I write the residential address in the Phil. or UK? About the TIN … since domestic worker don't pay tax … should I leave it blank or a must to have one? If my application is approved .. can fund my account in UK?

  24. Aj Naira

    Hi! I'm applying for a COL account right now. I'd like to ask what does it mean choosing "Yes" under the "Checks for pick up"? 🙂

  25. Jake Carloman

    This is very helpful.. thanks. one question? if I email the withdrawal form and requested to deposit the fund to my Savings account, I don't have to go to their office anymore? unlike the normal procedure that COL will validate my request to withdraw once I personally get into their office.

  26. Omeng Tawid

    hello bro delnar,
    as answered in our group
    if joint account, it can be OR or AND. If OR, kahit one signature lang, if AND dapat dalawa.


  27. Delnar Sarmiento

    Thank you bro. omeng for this super very clear instruction, ask ko lang dapat ba dalawa pa ang pipirma incase join account? thanks you again and God bless.

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